Weekend Love Forecast – Mercury Pontificating, So Loud, SO Much To Say

handsI’m late to publish today. I’m having a terrifically hard time writing. Someone is blowing up my phone with demands that I answer. They’ve called my work too. This is not the only challenging communication I’ve received today; I can’t imagine it will be the last. It feels like the tip of the iceberg. As a Cap Moon with Cap Moon returning today, let me assure you: I am adept at feeling the depth of chilling icebergs. What am I feeling? This weekend’s exact Mercury-Jupiter quincunx.

The quincunx aspect is one of imbalance. It cannot be statically balanced because the signs the points inhabit are naturally out of sync. That’s not a big deal. You can balance it like a see-saw – in movement.

Let me cut to the chase. This particular aspect with Mercury and Jupiter is one I see highlighted in cases of difficult narcissistic behavior, specifically communcations. In fact, in the natal chart, I see it as an indication that this person deals with narcissism in some way (expresses it, experiences it in close relationships).

Why? Because people will broadcast their views regardless of whether or not it is wanted or appropriate. And they are not in the position to take into account anyone else’s perspective. They are blasting their views while on the move. They’re not interested in what’s in your brain. They will only listen to what they want to hear. You can call them back… if you want to hear the broadcast. What you have to say will not fit their narrative. They’ll tell you what to think.

Now, if you have this in your chart, keep in mind – you can be the likely recipient of this behavior as easily as you can be the broadcaster. I’m not saying someone with the aspect will be an offender. I’m saying some will. In a natal chart it can be a trait that leads you to perfecting moving balance in your communications, senses, and perspectives. It is also the mark of a philosopher perfecting their work.

Poets can have this aspect. They have a unique perspective that can turn ours off balance in order to affect profound twists in understanding.

In any case, this aspect perfects Saturday but lasts the weekend. Clear, balanced communication and reception (what we perceive) will take effort this weekend. It will take movement, staying abreast of your senses. Some people are on blast, some are on another frequency entirely. It would be a mistake to treat this energy argumentatively. If things come across as too sharp or too blunt, take a moment to think on a bigger timeline and balance yourself. Be the ballast you wish to experience in the conversation.

That’s simpler with the Moon in Capricorn Friday and Saturday. Slow down your emotional reactions till you feel in control. If you value how you feel, this is in your own best interest.

Also in the wind, we have Venus square Neptune, Sun sextile Neptune, and Sun moving into opposition with Jupiter. Mercury perfects a square to Pluto on Monday. Venus-Neptune in challenge brings the anguish of a near miss into play, so don’t let that throw you. Remember it is also the distilled essence of the ideal. Look for the boiled down beauty of what is desired and appreciate the good in it. If we ache for something, it can tell us what to look for. Sun to Neptune shows that some iteration is possible if we remember what part of that is valuable, divine. So don’t blast anyone unnecessarily if they’re not giving you what you want to hear right now. There’s a tendency to be cruel or disgusting. That miss-timed quip could burn you later.

Slow your roll and you’ll create a more mature role in the aftermath and unfolding. Soon Mercury will square Capricorn Mars then roll over Aries Uranus. Mars will closely square Uranus mid-month as Uranus makes its move to Taurus. Anything that lays the groundwork for stable communications and perspective is highly valuable at this time.

Before you engage, consider your content. Are you doing the right thing or are you doing the expedient, bombastic thing? If you value the bigger picture in relationships, you’ll engage with philosophical reason AND personal integrity.

Sunday the Moon finishes up in Capricorn square Uranus. If you’re feeling shocked or stressed, remember this too shall pass. It can also be invigorating for some! Gemini Venus loves a bit of drama if it’s entertaining and interesting. Sun moving to opposes Jupiter signals balance in the larger story.

When the Moon moves to Aquarius, it sextiles Chiron then Juno. We may get some emotional insights on how to approach things from a neutral vantage point, a promise of healing in a way we’ve not yet pictured. In any case, the simmering heat cools to promote positivity and understanding. The mood brings insight, facilitating new interests.

What’s going on with you?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Mercury Pontificating, So Loud, SO Much To Say — 5 Comments

  1. Well was asked to do late runs, no problem but leaving at 6 am and returning home 6 pm makes a long day
    On arrival discovered new heating and cooling( mini splits) decided to pop some connection pouring a good gallon and one half of water thru my bookcase!cleaned up
    To find cable to tv and WiFi ripped up at end of property by bushwacker!
    They can fix in 6 days after spending an hour on phone oh and my water line got a leak from some digging
    Going on in back property, so shower is a dribble
    And had a message from bank I am overdrawn
    But TGIF?when it rains it pours
    Are the heavens shifting all over me
    Or is this my chance to learn to
    Dance barefoot in the grass ?
    Gotta love it, I am grinning because
    It’s all ok you know beats a broken arm.

  2. Tomorrow I’m going to a protest against the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline on the west coast. This pipeline is intended to carry diluted bitumen (unrefined heavy oil) from the Alberta Tar Sands to super-tankers in the port of Vancouver BC, then shipped out to China to burn more fossil fuels and contribute to more global warming and pollution.

    We’re resisting Kinder Morgan with song and prayer. We’ll be pontificating loudly for sure, but doing it with love and respect for the health and well-being of the earth and the future of humankind.

    Meanwhile, the flooding in the Maritimes has broken records, and Hawaii is experiencing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Earth is shouting at us. Who is listening? What are you doing to change our collective path of destruction?

  3. Correction: “In the wind…” The Sun is moving into opposition with JUPITER and into a TRINE with Pluto. Sorry to nit pick (Virgo rising
    Gemini Sun) but the record should be straight. Know that I love reading you! Otherwise, my integrity may be tested with temptation.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Mercury/Jupiter inconjunct natally. I have to agree with your comments. I’m a fearless debater but no poet. I often attract verbally aggressive people and am myself if I feel it’s personal. (Jupiter conjunct Moon in the 9th.)

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