Weekend Love Forecast – Mercury Direct Brings A Chipper Mood

emmaFriday, the Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron and trines Saturn. Under the influence of Aquarius Mercury’s last full day retrograde, the like-minded airy mood navigates last minute twists and discoveries of lasting impact. Emotional reactions are likely, but reactions PLURAL are the norm. However, the overriding mood is one of curiosity and interest.

Also Friday, Aquarius Venus completes an exact square to Mars in Taurus. Venus moves in conjunction to Pallas all weekend. When you see what you want, see why you want it, and make a connection with the means to achieve… it’s easy to get frustrated when the means move SLOOOOOWLY. Or they grind and break down. That doesn’t mean you should drop the goal or stop trying. It does mean you can spend time refining both the goal and the way you work in order to improve the process already in motion.

Mars moves closer into trine with Pluto, so the power for action is at hand. Finesse and the ability to skillfully manipulate in response to blockage serve up some options.

Saturday night the Gemini Moon moves through a trine to Jupiter, rocket fuel for the mood. That propulsive boost lasts through Mercury’s station and the mood lifts as Mercury turns direct. By the end of the night, the Moon heads into a t-square with Juno and Neptune, opposite Juno in Sadge and square to Neptune in Pisces, all mutable. All that glitters is not gold. But more appropriate to the night is – all that chatters is not interesting.

It’s possible to waste a lot of time thinking you’re getting somewhere exciting, but somewhere never materializes. If you’re not feeling it, cut bait and fish somewhere else. Follow your genuine interests and what sparks joy. You know it when you feel it. Also, you know what you like, what sparks genuine curiosity.

Sunday morning, the Gemini Moon trines Venus and Pallas as they conjoin. A light and pleasant mood results from having good insights about what suits your tastes! Enjoy the fruits of your discernment.

By nighttime, the Moon moves to Cancer and its own rulership. It spends the night heading into trine with the Pisces Sun, a fairytale mood and sweet dreams to boot.

What are your weekend plans? With Gemini Moon, weather and talk of weather affects the mood. How are you faring on that front?



Weekend Love Forecast – Mercury Direct Brings A Chipper Mood — 2 Comments

  1. Small plan Shop cook write,All the while admiring the giant white life that’s surrounding this morning the blessings of snow !!!my sister threw me line.She said ,all the while we’ve been growing up we have believed that it was best to be part of the story , contributing ourselves into the collective consciousness of being the best we could for the parts concerned but what if it’s very different? what if the stars? the sun the moon ?the flowers the tides? the animals the people ?the relationships ,the mood the events …they’re all props ,they are all props built for us !!because we are the big story ?all of this has been built around us,Then she says pick up that pen ,give me the BEST damn next chapter would you?my sister Merry
    The early morning bird, so sweet
    So strong

  2. So happy to be moving forward, losing weight and looking forward to spring and what it has to offer. I have not been excited about the future in a very long time.
    As always Thank you Satori.

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