Weekend Love Forecast – Mercury And Venus Into Succulent Scorpio

succulentSucculent can mean tender. In this case, succulent Scorpio is the type to protect juicy innards with gorgeous spines. That cactus didn’t leap at anyone’s face. To meet violence here tends to require provocation. The spines are fair warning and a buffer against the hapless who underestimate the power represented. Why shouldn’t beauty have thorns?

Retrograde Mercury moves from Sagittarius back into Scorpio on Saturday. Venus direct moves forward through her former retrograde shadow; through the end of Libra, Friday and Saturday, and into Scorpio on Sunday. The two move in semi-sextile, 30 degree of each other (within a one degree orb).

Friday night, Venus in Libra exactly opposes retrograde Uranus in Aries, a long time in the making. Venus-Uranus can herald some lightning quick reversals. The opposition suggests they will come from the outside or the other. However, they can just as well be something we have avoided or projected, a reaction to something we put out there.

Regardless of the form it takes, the Venus Uranus energy culminating for each of us brings an upgrade to our love-money-desire nature and how we interface with the other in that arena – as well as the polarity subject of life covered by the houses they transit. BOOM, level up! It’s a challenge. What kind of challenge depends on how open you are to change. You can reframe that at any time – even at the last second. Now there’s a lightning reversal right there! Appreciate (Venus) change (Uranus).

Friday night, the earthy Virgo Moon opposes retrograde Chiron and goes on to semi-sextile Venus overnight. Stretching past our comfort zone for a good cause works really well here. It can feel good once you get going.

By Saturday evening, the Moon moves to Libra and a sextile to Jupiter and a square to Saturn. The mood finds easy expansion while girded by concrete boundaries. Find the edges and you can bounce around within the confined space. There’s plenty of opportunity to fill that space with laughter and pleasure. You can look at the container and pound on the walls or find a way to make them part of the game.

Mars in Pisces moving into conjunction with Neptune can help with that. Act as though things are as you’d wish and they magically bend that way. The Sagittarius Sun moves into square with Mars (exact Sunday). The Sun in Sadge is Jupiter ruled and bold, so the order of the day is bold. It also operates on a fiery straight line of what is and what can be. Pisces Mars is action that is moist, misty, and subtle. The two taken together can fizzle. This Mars’ momentum and course don’t fit conventional standards. If you can find a way to navigate these differences, you’ve got it made.

Vesta changes sign this weekend as well, from Capricorn to Aquarius. Friday night it forms a t-square with the exact Venus-Uranus opposition. It holds that tension as it shifts into Aquarius on Saturday. Vesta’s devotional fire accentuates the Venus-Uranus pop in relationship and desire. It also highlights the recent nodal axis movement from Leo-Aquarius to Cancer-Capricorn. It may be time to let go of a long-held passion turned possession, or at the very least to temper it with change. Something about a former approach to devotion in relationships and money is holding you back. Give in to the upgrade and let go… even before you find a new devotional spirit. It will come.

Saturday night’s Libra Moon also conjoins Pallas Athena as both sextile the Sun. You’re smart enough to find a new path and the mood promotes some good choices in that area. The Sun’s square to Mars may mean that the steps to get there seem hazy, but trust and have faith.

Changes don’t have to be big to be revolutionary and authentic. On Sunday, the Moon squares Scorpio ruler Pluto as Mercury moves back into Scorpio. That sounds a lot like volcanic senses and thoughts and communications that are deeply felt… with a need to find balance. With Venus and Mercury at each end of Scorpio, people may not want to ask for help and may seem fairly internal. But the Moon in social Libra may need an outlet for comfort.

Intimacy is a particularly potent comfort outlet this weekend. But don’t just give to get. Be authentic in your balance. Vulnerability feels precarious, but it’s the only path to genuine intimacy. No one can safely demand intimacy. You have to feel powerful to engage in it, to give it. And it makes you feel powerful to risk being authentic. It’s revolutionary and it’s worth a try.

It’s worth risking a succulent sting. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What are your weekend plans?


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