Weekend Love Forecast – Mars/Sun-Pluto: Rage or Passion?

Friday night, the Moon tours the end of Aquarius and the very beginning of Pisces. Expect a mood shift in the collective from cerebral to emotional. In addition all weekend, retrograde Mercury gets so very close to opposition with retrograde Chiron, Libra to Aries.

Mercury is near the end of its retrograde period and a station, but Chiron is still booking. Chiron pulls further away, minutes from an exact opposition, as Mercury slows. Something that seemed worrisome may fade in significance. Perspective comes with getting real about the meaning behind the thing. Lessons in values may come across with stinging clarity, likely through someone else’s words.

Also Friday, Venus heads into close trine with Chiron. Unlike Mercury, Venus is moving right along, in jet-set Sagittarius. The aspect closes Saturday, but good things come with authenticity and simple self-knowledge. The truth really will set you free. And it pays. Maybe in quick, on the run kisses.

Saturday night, the Pisces Moon squares Venus and goes on to sextile Uranus in Taurus (Venus-ruled). It’s a juggling act to get what you want while you still want it and have it satisfy, but a Pisces mood shines with a bit of angst. In your own time… that’s the way to soften the edges of a dilemma. Then when you see your break: go for it.

Also in effect Saturday night, and Friday night for that matter, is the Sun’s square to Pluto. The Sun perfects its square to Pluto early Sunday morning, but Mars follows along in square even after. Don’t act out. Don’t mouth off. Feel free to freak out as long as it’s private and doesn’t put you or others in danger. Starting something with someone is powerful, and possibly more eruptive than expected.

It’s not a weekend to necessarily go the extra mile and take a chance if it’s not duly warranted. Mars heads into trine with Jupiter in addition. Power and fuel. If it feels right and heady and hopeful, it’s a GO. If you’re angsty and raw and reactive, do the right thing first of all.

Sunday morning, the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune then later goes on to sextile Pluto. What drama? There’s no trouble here! The mood fosters deep flow and connection, but also denial. So enjoy, but also watch your acceleration.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Mars/Sun-Pluto: Rage or Passion? — 2 Comments

  1. Passion. Although I have an onslaught of tomatillos and was ready to turn them over to the food pantry when I discovered a black bean tomatillo chili recipe that also cured me of the glut of poblano peppers. Anyway, the chili rages.

    And overall, I do feel passionate about life, living. After all, ‘these are the good ol days’. I don’t want to miss it.

    And I just awoke with an aha of sorts. A bingo. Balance. A focus for my indoor winter work out program (man oh man I can’t wait to take some classes when I feel okay being in a room with heavy breathing going on again). So I want to work it from focused physical exercise as well as awareness of energy balancing. I can work those exercises in tandem with range of motion workout/study. It sure ain’t livin in a mosh pit but it’s where I am at in my life now.

  2. Unexpected visit from my family could be happening in time for next month’s 74th b-day and grandson’s 1st. Surprise! Details need to be sorted, but oh let the good times flow, and passion glow. xoxo

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