Weekend Love Forecast – Mars-Neptune And Venus-Neptune

oppositionDo you want the opportunity to make someone’s dreams come true? Does that possibility make you feel all smooshy on the inside? Is there something you want to do that just seems unrealistic, but you believe it would genuinely satisfy you? This weekend’s transits are for you.

It’s then of course possible that someone might come along and do the same for you. I’m not saying it’s likely, but it IS possible. I bought a lottery ticket and a scratcher.

All weekend, Venus in Capricorn (solid benefits) sextiles Neptune in Pisces (the divine). At the same time, Mars in Scorpio (a skilled manipulator) trines Neptune. Action is aided by the divine, but it needs a catalyst in the mundane. Venus already in its retrograde shadow sextiles Mars as well: a nice, tight triangle. It’s at the very least a sweet and pleasurable payout of some kind.

If it’s just a good time, I’ll take that too.

Friday night, the Moon finishes up in Leo as the Saturn-Chiron sextile perfects. We get a chance to practice our boundaries in a way that ingrains them without it having to hurt. It’s practice, and we’re going to make those boundaries work for us… personally. We’re learning so that we can thrive and so we can teach.

By night’s end, the Moon has moved to Virgo and into square with Virgo sign ruler Mercury, the Sun, and Vesta in Sagittarius. The three in Sadge move together all weekend, with the Sun conjoining Vesta exactly early Sunday morning, followed by Mercury by midday. Mercury passes over the Sun on Sunday night.

All weekend our attention is brought to an exciting point where we focus on enlivening pursuits that fill us with hope and purpose. If something has got you buzzing like a live wire over the next few days, take it seriously. Devotion is in the mix and all three link into the Saturn-Chiron sextile. We get a chance to course correct and zero in on a landmark in a way that steadies the pursuit of our goals.

Saturday midday, the Virgo Moon forms a yod with Saturn and Chiron. The Moon holds that yod as it heads into opposition to Pallas Athene by afternoon. After that, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus and heads into trine with Venus overnight. Our abilities in spotting patterns are activated and tuned. The mood holds steady enabling us to enact some delightful changes for the better.

Sunday morning, the Moon trines Venus and sextiles Mars. It then opposes Neptune before going on to trine Pluto and ride out the rest of the day with that solid and powerful push. Whatever we’re wanting now has the backing of connected intuition, intention, action, and powerful desire.

With the Moon in the sign of Virgo, be sure to mind the good of others as well as your own. Service is important with a Virgo mood. So is getting the details right, so take your time.

What are your weekend plans?

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