Weekend Love Forecast – Loving Perspective Taking

em graffitiWhat is LOVE? Real love is understanding where someone else is coming from, taking that into account, and acting to capitalize on their best interest… and YOURS. Boundaries my dude; they’re always relevant.

We listen to what they say. Really listen. And take in what they DO. Really take it in. Mercury incorporates all the senses. All the senses head into the brain for interpretation. AND we now know that the GUT gets a shot at interp as well.

Mercury in Capricorn, even when retrograde, takes note of fairness on that measure. Of righteousness of the mundane variety (as opposed to social or spiritual). We can assess what is truly right and fair if we take in and understand where people are coming from, what they are after, and what they are ACTUALLY doing.

People often say one thing, but what they do follows myriad other courses. If we “get” where they’re coming from, we’re more likely to spot when that happens. We can spot where behavior deviates from expectations too.

Right now we have Cap Mercury retro trining Uranus in Taurus and conjoining the Sun. As the Cancer Moon perfects the full moon opposition to the Sun, it also opposes Mercury. Attitude, sensation, and perspective are highlighted in contrast – in relationship to the other. The Moon-Mercury opposition takes place in the immediate aftermath of the full moon.

The emotional impact of someone else’s choices/perspective/actions, of their feelings about it? And conversely, the impact of you on them.

Mercury rules Gemini, and Mars retro in Gemini heads back in degree into trine with Venus in Aquarius, both airy. We get a chance to capitalize on understanding the actions, the perspectives and VALUES of others.

This is particularly so in contrasting past actions/attitudes with current ones. It’s also possible to see similarities and spot patterns. They are there to see, or more pointedly – they are hard to NOT see.

What you do with them will affect what you can make of the influence. You can take it personally in emotional reactivity. You can ignore it and move on to the next new thing. Or you can start a revolution in your mind and let the wheels turn till you have a genius moment. When lean in to the latter, we set ourselves up to reap the benefits of balanced perspective.

Balanced means you let in the unbiased observation and judge without prejudice. Crunch the data and feel the feels about it. Cognition and fact grinding will follow. Decisions follow – actions follow. But they’re just as likely to be turning old data on its head too. Let that happen. Rethink things.

These are not the final decisions or final actions. They are crossroads, turnarounds, junctions for perspective taking and self inspection. Consider this one spot on the timeline, and we’re here till we’re somewhere else.

Early Saturday, Mercury retrogrades back through conjunction to the Sun as the Moon continues through Cancer into opposition with Pluto. You can do this; you can stay open and maximize the transformational power of all this input.

By date time, the Moon heads into Leo and trine to Jupiter. We’re still taking lessons on self to other, but the mood whips up a fiery sense of self interest for fun and drama! FUN! AAAAAAaaaaah!

All weekend long, Venus and Mars trine in air. If you can keep your attitude grounded but novel (Mercury trine Uranus in earth) rather than tamped down in a rut, there’s fresh pleasure to find in multiple routes to a good time. What do you enjoy that you’ve missed? Is there a new twist to explore there? Keep action breezy, and change things up if it sparks your fancy.

On Sunday the Leo Moon opposes Venus and sextiles Mars. It goes on to trine Chiron then square Uranus overnight. Follow the indicators of a sunny mood and steer into what feels good, life-affirming. In doing so, you may find you can go a bit further than you used to, or that an old route gives way to a new road.

The full moon just took place at 16 Cancer. Where are you feeling it? Venus-Mars lends enough distraction to take it somewhere fun. But pay attention to the details and take note! Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Loving Perspective Taking — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Satori, and thank you🙏. The Full Moon falls in my 10th House. Disappointment over a sale that ought to have taken place but did not. A seven-year old issue that never seems to resolve.. It’s hard to feel funny and sunny..

  2. Smack on my Venus in 8th house. Not sure what it means but mostly today keeping up with my child without much social activity. Too much time online for her that I can keep up to provide activities instead. Was different when she was younger and napped more. Long gone.

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