Weekend Love Forecast – Listen To Your Heart

This weekend, Venus in Cancer moves away from a sextile to Uranus and into trine with Neptune in Pisces. The Moon in Leo gives way to a Virgo Moon that runs us through the gamut of emotions on its way to highlight our brand new possibilities – dream them up, dream them up big.

The Gemini Sun squares Saturn through Sunday: Take it slow till you know what you know. Keep your nose clean, as they say. Mars also aspects Saturn, a quincunx from fiery Leo. Action is meant to prime the pump for something greater than ourselves, but not so hard or fast that we put out the fire in our chest. Slow, measured, generous, with gravitas: Do it with heart.

Friday night, the Leo Moon quincunxes Neptune then changes sign to quincunx retro Pluto. The Virgo Moon changes the nature of the point of the resulting yod from fiery to earthy. It also picks up a trine to Jupiter in Taurus on the north node, a supportive push toward your better self.

This mood bridges the gap between the ideal fantasy and what we have to give up to get there (or anywhere in the neighborhood of there). The mood becomes more realistic but not in a chastening or demoralizing way. It’s sinking in – what it will take. A practical Virgo mood rallies the troops. It’s clean, it supports. It conserves. Take in what you need and no more. With Mercury in Taurus, consider your resources.

Saturday night, the Virgo Moon trines Mercury. As you consider your resources, reflect on your values as well. Our aims should reflect our values as well as our desires or we won’t be satisfied. Think about what you need to be satisfied. Use your savvy smarts to dream up a good one.

On Sunday, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus and sextiles Venus. It goes on to oppose Neptune overnight. The collective mood supports breaking with tradition and seizing the opportunity to go a new way. Let inspiration in; let your natural affiliation with life inspire a caring connection to the right answers. Listen with your heart. Listen to your heart.


Weekend Love Forecast – Listen To Your Heart — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, Satori. It’s my solar return in the wee hours of Monday. Your words made me think of the Fleetwood Mac song Go Your Own Way. Not necessarily with a singular person, but more in the IDGAF about the box people want to put me in. I hope you’re right and the universe provides support for me in that endeavor.

  2. Thank you Satori🙏🙏🙏 Through your precious guidance I am able to go through the pain.. My mother passed on yesterday☀️☀️☀️

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