Weekend Love Forecast – Let The Right One In

posey and wiggyFriday night, the sunny Leo Moon trines Chiron and heads into square with Uranus and Venus overnight. The Aries Sun heads into conjunction with Chiron all weekend long. The mood is ripe to integrate all we’ve been learning, particularly those hard-won bonks to our ego.

The mood skirmish here is that we’re also in place to take in newer challenges, the kind that arise in novel circumstances. That’s to say: we’re on our way, but we can’t stop there! Leaning in and taking on MORE (Chiron and the Sun are moving toward Jupiter, after all) pays off tangibly.

Saturday night, the Leo Moon quincunxes Neptune and trines Mercury at the end of Aries. Explore the drama that arises when you let yourself dream, when you follow creative urges past the practical. It’s then we flow with ease into insights, corrections, and plans that take us further than we’d dared imagine.

On Sunday, the Moon hits practical, caring Virgo and quincunxes Pluto in Aquarius. It then opposes Saturn and goes on to sextile Mars in Moon-ruled Cancer. Compassion has been greatly taxing in the last… forever? What do you need to cut out in order to solidify your ability and will to continue caring? Where is solidarity offered, connection: whatever can shore you up to consolidate and continue?

In any case, with Mars in early Cancer and Mercury in late Aries, finalize plans of action; rally and rouse yourself to forward motion. Forward motion that satisfies and creates the base for new life.

Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Let The Right One In — 6 Comments

  1. Well this brings up a good question. Topic-thoughts. Where do we look when long term thoughts and slow thoughts, conflict with quick thoughts? Who’s (which planets and houses)describe my conflict. I’m taking care of the work list for someone with way different timelines and I shut down when maxed. Example- detail a tenner boat for a luxury yaught. WTF!!!???How clean does it really need to be . lol. We are learning here. I guess I have too many planets in 8th house (taurus) and jupiter retrograde in the 2nd. Other peoples stuff is toooooo much for me right now

  2. Holy crap, this is the EXACT themes that has been up for me/us this weekend. Your post is so spot on, it’s like you opened the roof and took a look down on my BF and I this weekend !

    *exploding head smiley*

    • I even read a bluidy article about compassion fatigue in relationships this Friday… Satori, are you sure you’re not a psychic?!

  3. I totes think Satori is psychic, just a bit at the least. I had a good weekend especially looking forward to tonight and the rest. Of the week.

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