Weekend Love Forecast – LEO Shine Has Limits? VENUS-URANUS Dance Party!

nightFriday night, Venus in Virgo splits the receding Chiron-Saturn sextile, the point of a yod. Point, tip… here’s a tip: Is it loyalty or shooting yourself in the foot? The way to tell is to ask yourself, who benefits?

If you both benefit, it may be loyalty. If you’re not learning and you’re not benefitting, if you’re stretching yourself and getting hurt, put an end to that weak shit. It’s holding you back. At least consider the possibility.

Friday night’s Taurus Moon comes off a trine to Mars in Virgo to head into a t-square with the applying oppositions of Mercury and the Sun in Leo to Saturn in Aquarius. It’s a fixed t-square and the mood is Venus-ruled. Use the mood momentum to put an end to the weak shit.

Otherwise, if you’re feeling good, you’ll be in position to gauge just how well your creative plans are coming along. That’s not to say you ought to act on them just yet, but you can take their temperature. The Moon picks up the flavor of a trine to Venus for inspiration, for a shiver of pleasure.

Is that shiver icing on the cake or is it a reminder of what you’re missing?

By Saturday evening, that Moon-Venus trine has crested, as has a square to Saturn. It’s a pleasant influence but slow or limited. The Taurus Moon is pleasure seeking as it stretches its hold on Venus and conjoins Uranus. Venus in applying trine to Uranus (exact Tuesday) brings novelty and the Moon illuminates the urge to experiment.

Mars in Virgo brings metered and thoughtful action, smart motives. It’s also earthy and skilled in multiple techniques.

All weekend, Mercury conjoins the Sun and both oppose Saturn, Leo to Uranus. Personal details face off against impersonal obstacles. One of those obstacles is likely to be timing. Good ideas and an ability to make something happen through chasing down that lead are subject to outside influence.

The smart move is to get all the info you can before committing. That’s likely going to take some time to pull off. Not everything needs to happen at once. Get your ducks in a row. This weekend confers the ability to do that very well. Take it one piece at a time and soon you’ll be ready to be golden.

Keep your options open till you’ve tested the goods. This part won’t go on forever, but also don’t go overboard in the meantime. Too much of a good time blunts the effect of a good time. Limits can be the difference between a good time and a bad time. Limits are safety. In the end, limits contribute to improving who we are and how we think.

Sunday’s Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto, and goes on to square Jupiter overnight. Mercury moves over the Sun in the morning, then opposes Saturn in the afternoon. The Sun opposes Saturn by night. Needing pleasure, finding pleasure, surviving pleasure… we simultaneously face the limits of who we know ourselves to be.

Learn something that will help you upgrade your personal values, that will enable you to help yourself and others – everyone everywhere. Anything less than that is a missed opportunity. It also includes personal gain, so we don’t have to make personal gain the goal.

Sometimes sorting yourself out is the piece the universe needs to fit into the giant puzzle of everything. If we all did it, we’d finish the big picture. Then we could party.

Maybe we can have a giant Venus-Uranus EDM dance party next week. Anything is possible till it’s not.

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  1. “Mars in Virgo brings metered and thoughtful action, smart motives. It’s also earthy and skilled in multiple techniques.” I wrote this onto a post-in so my progressed Mars in Virgo can be motived to plan that party coming soon!!! xo

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