Weekend Love Forecast – Leo Full Moon Roar

moon-sunThis weekend, the Aquarius Sun is flanked by three planets in Capricorn and two in Pisces. Jupiter in Capricorn moves closer into sextile with Neptune in Pisces, a background energy that boosts that Pisces fog many have been feeling. It also builds something solid over time – our dreams, a new narrative – without obvious movement in any given moment.

Mercury in early Pisces won’t reach Neptune before its progress halts and backs over the degrees it covers now. Keep your planning fluid enough to compensate. Take in the details and full range of sensing without nailing anything permanently into place if possible – if not, don’t worry about it. When things fall perfectly into place, do it. I’m saying don’t jam a square peg into a round hole just to be done with it. You’ll likely find the perfect solution eventually.

With Mars still in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, jump on the projects that make use of your current momentum or help you create momentum. When you see a clear stretch, don’t hold back. It may be that in action you find clues to your next journey.

Venus newly in Aries, moves over the Aries point (zero degrees) and Chiron. A burst of fire is like rocket fuel for the libido. It’s good for getting practical about what you want and what works for you. It works with combining the understanding of how who you are informs what you want, and to some extent the opposite. It’s a chance to be authentic and claim a benefit from doing so. Even though Mars and Venus don’t communicate by degree, they do by element and sign. We’re bound to feel our motors rumbling with fresh life.

Friday night, the Leo Moon trines Venus and Chiron and squares Uranus. The Friday night mood is GO, but it will have some challenge in reaction to how the GO happens. Pleasure, creativity, ego, confidence, bravado, courtship, drama, and generosity combine artistically but also in a raw, sharp mix. There’s warmth but it may lack subtlety. Uranus in the mix throws off the timing, but that can create an element of fun if you don’t burst into flames over it. Leo Moon casts a gregarious light, so stop short of egoic rage and embrace the surprises that pop up.

Saturday night, the Moon moves from the mid-degrees of Leo into opposition with the Sun at 20 degrees, the full moon. In the run-up to full, the Moon hits the Jupiter-Neptune midpoint opposition, making it the focal point of a yod. The full moon holds the waning effect of this energy, a fine lightning rod for creative reversals of fortune, to align with a higher purpose. Keep the ego open and the mood receptive to new direction.

Full moons express a polarity where something is finished or phased out. In this case, that serves your own greater good for this new adventure, regardless of how it feels in the moment. The Leo full moon can also be a tug of war within – your own path running counter to that of the larger group. Beware of projecting your own tug of war onto someone else, and be aware if it’s happening from the outside. Leo can also be a spirit of generous warmth. Perspective is everything.

Sunday morning, the Leo Moon goes on to trine Mars in Sagittarius. The Leo mood is good to GO. Hunt up your muse and unleash some fun, some play, some art. Later the Moon moves to Virgo and a trine to Uranus in Taurus. Earthy, stable, but ready for intelligent change and a well-planned, thoughtfully provisioned revolution. Bring snacks.

What are your weekend plans? Where does the 20 degree, full Leo Moon hit your chart? Will you get to play?



Weekend Love Forecast – Leo Full Moon Roar — 5 Comments

  1. My moon is at 20 degrees Leo in the 7th house. Hoping for something good, so far it seems to be about releasing negative energies regarding relationships. The Pluto Saturn conjunction sat right on my ascendant and squared my Sun. This has been ongoing for several years, but I left my marriage of 30+ years, moved out of the family home, and find myself in a new chapter I never envisioned at the age of 57. Scary, but also feels good to have a blank canvas on which to paint a new life of my liking. Happy full moon!

    • Congratulations, Laura! Can we assume you also had your second Saturn Return which also fueled your significant life path changes?

      • Thank you Jayne. Not quite yet, natal Saturn is at 10 Aquarius. Some other transits help explain the restructuring. In 2017 tr Uranus was conjunct my Sun, and tr Pluto has been and will continue to opposed progressed Venus, which is currently at 22 Cancer. Several of the eclipses of 2017, 2018, and 2019 also hit my chart, probably the biggest was the August 2017 eclipse at 28 Leo, which was exactly conjunct natal Vertex in the 7th house.

  2. Hi Elsa,

    Today you mentioned the January 21st 2121 inauguration.

    Thank you for bringing a politics.

    Could I send you a private email regarding politics??

  3. Well being in the middle of my weekend ; I am thinking to stop morning coffee as I believe constant hand sanitizer has gifted me a form of
    Weakness in my middle Maybe coffee coffee adds that acidity
    I should skip
    Someone told me ice coffee a better version for tummy?
    I am thinking the jellyfish game a good stance float wiggle and drift
    I am upping my intake of ginger and turmeric which needs black pepper to allow body’s absorption
    To beat my little form of despair as I am seeing my sluggishness to tally
    Low productivity But this little ant gonna try afternoon march on my
    Yard clean a couple little brush piles so I can get a little lgrass cutting
    Ok Sunday ? Not sure , not even sure
    About this evening meal maybe
    Little potato salad and fruit ok thanx for asking
    Oh on another note wish peaceful marches etc. would mix in some summer rain dancing I’ve been throwing the little two handed cupping like a heart at our groups peace love
    And jellyfish to all

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