Weekend Love Forecast – Laying The Groundwork For Agreements

wrapFriday night, the Moon moves through Libra, first sextiling Jupiter then going on to square to Venus and Pluto. Fire and air propel the mood into social territory. Once there, the challenge arises when those competing cardinal frequencies each demand primacy. It’s a greased lightning ramp to a mud flat.

Venus-Pluto applies into close conjunction, perfecting after the Moon’s exact square to each. Venus-Pluto is classic, dark glamour. Moon in Libra sextile Jupiter is sporty and elegant – stylish and agile. “Frivolous, shallow…” or “Lecherous, bloodsucking…” But really, what they have in common is drive. Both energies promote DRIVE. When you find a way to blend these without judgement (easier to do with Mercury in Pisces), the agreement will be DELIGHTFUL.

Friday, Mercury retains the energy of its waning square to Jupiter as it moves within orb of a sextile to Venus, one it won’t close. Use sensual information to promote your ends. Create connection with a well placed observation… but don’t be creepy! Don’t run on… keep it simple but poetic.

Saturday, Mercury sextiles Pluto. Words have power. Use them wisely. Also, pay close attention to what you’re hearing (reading, smelling, tasting, etc.). There’s a deep root.

Saturday night, the Moon in Scorpio trines the Pisces Sun and opposes Mars in Taurus. Friday night was the equivalent of intense playoffs. Saturday night is the BIG GAME. While there are still “sides”, they’re beautifully matched. Satisfaction relies on staying in the flow and playing the game. Play that game. It feels goooood.

Sunday morning, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune and sextiles Saturn. The Sun continues in sextile to Mars. Whatever is happening in the microcosm of your own life, the collective has a day of ease. There’s opportunity to shape reality in a way that promises ongoing transformation. This continues in depth as the Moon goes on to sextile Pluto. We need to take something in, let it seep in.

Overnight, the Moon trines Mercury and sextiles Venus. Nighttime (or earlier) agreements are solid and satisfying, inspired and beneficial over the long haul. They may be challenged to improve over time, but they have good bones.

Contemplate, observe, communicate, and act! Move your body; as odd as it may sound, you’re likely to angle yourself into something good as a result.

Where is the Scorpio Moon flavoring your chart? What are your weekend plans?

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