Weekend Love Forecast – Last Days Of Uranus In Aries

venus marsOver the last several years, Uranus has transited Aries. This is the last weekend of the transit. Uranus in Aries created conditions that required innovation in how we went about going after what we want. It sought out the chinks in our armor and in doing so caused us to improve or fall prey to the consequences.

Well yeah, that’s kind of life, right? But this is life on speed. These improvements were in quick time. Mutate and use your new powers or fall behind. Fiery and electric… BAM. Make changes on dime, and those changes lead to other unexpected actions and innovations. Try them out, experiment without a safety net. Go go go!

Early in the coming week, Uranus moves to Taurus and we see it turn its electric eye on our values and resources. But for now, it’s the last of the transit. Do you see it? Has it worked the kinks out of how you interact with the world and how you act on your own behalf? How’s your body? Aries rules Mars, and Mars is tangible evidence of action.

Friday night the Capricorn Moon conjoins Pluto and moves toward sextile to Mercury at the end of Pisces. Mercury will turn retrograde early in the week, so it’s moving very slowly this weekend. It’s a contemplative mood that hits the collective deeply. Symbolism abounds in synchronicities.

Venus newly in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries. Uranus rules Aquarius. We get a taste of authentic healing, teaching, and learning at this crossroads. We’re batting cleanup while trying on the new shoes. No big, just pay attention! We may pick up some lightning sharp tips on what will be a desirable goal.

Saturday the Moon-Mercury sextile perfects, and it’s a great time to figure things out. By afternoon the Moon moves to Aquarius, sextiling Chiron and conjoining Venus. It’s a mood for something completely different, AND an opportunity for a tune-up as well as for fun. If something unusual pops up, give it a shot. It’s likely to go well, even if the results are not what you’d expect. That’s a good theme for the weekend.

Sunday morning the Aquarius Moon moves into square with Mars in Taurus. This is some material challenge. Things may not feel simple. The challenge may feel draining or it may seem prickly. This is transitional for more than just the moment. It is a window into what to expect with Uranus moving into Taurus. Taurus does not like to be zapped or do the zapping. The Aquarius mood is not helpful to the Taurus Mars type of movement. When you feel the challenge, relax but keep a sharp focus. Feel your way into a better blend. You can find a pleasant groove.

The Moon makes its way through the midpoints of the Capricorn and Pisces placements, particularly Saturn and Neptune. It’s an opportunity to tune in to the changes taking place in the collective, an opportunity to fine tune your own frequency. Take advantage. Tune in to what feels both realistic and ideal. You can have both if you skate that fine line.

What are your weekend plans?

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