Weekend Love Forecast – Knock It Out Of The Park!

in your earFriday night the Mars-Pluto square perfects as the Leo Moon sextiles Venus in Gemini. If you’re open to more than one desired outcome, you’re in luck: Something good may pop. The intense action of Mars-Pluto is something that impacts us all, both personally and as a collective.

It’s also possible that whatever deconstruction is slated, that effect may already have manifested by the time the aspect is exact. Aftershocks will be less disturbing if that is the case. This influence is unsettling, but the Leo mood can take it in the direction of courageous purpose or play it for emotional effect. Get proactive and creative, and you can harvest some of that massive power for good. Whatever comes down, is down. Leverage the remainder of the influence to your own advantage.

In any case, avoid reckless or ruthless action unless you’re certain it’s warranted and you’re willing to pay the consequences.

Saturday morning, Mercury in Gemini perfects a trine to Saturn, a protective and grounding influence for communications and the senses for Friday night’s crescendo. Have good boundaries, communicate your boundaries. Organize for the good of all.

Saturday afternoon finishes Mercury’s square to Neptune. So if you haven’t heard back? Don’t sweat it too soon. Some things arrive just when they should. Have faith for the outcome being the right one. It’s the best we can do.

Saturday night’s Leo Moon opposes Saturn. Outside bumps and barriers create a stage to lay your heart upon. How else are you to look so good without a reason to shine? The Moon goes on to sextile Mercury then to trine Mars overnight. Listen, consider, then roar into action – with your hair whipping in the starlight. Could it be some solid fun? YES.

Sunday the Moon leaves Leo for sober Virgo, Mercury-ruled Virgo. With Mercury in Gemini and the Moon quincunx Jupiter, batting cleanup is both ultra-whipped and precise. You’ve got at least two GREAT pitches to hammer.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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