Weekend Love Forecast – Juno Hits Scorpio For Powerful Pleasure

Dylan s.Friday night, the Libra Moon conjoins Mercury and squares Jupiter, going on to quincunx Neptune and square Pluto. The mood brings a social salve which works way better if you consciously lean into playing nice.

With Libra ruler Venus in dramatically gorgeous Leo also playing off the Jupiter-Neptune sextile, use the mood as a megaphone for getting what you want. Believe in it. Manipulate for the best of reasons, for the good of all. If it helps you too, why not?

Venus moves onto the point of a yod this weekend, so that mesmerizing tale of love can be a movie of generous values and gregarious connection. Play puts us back in touch with the divine. Believing in yourself with enough fervor can actually lead to real and ideal change. Where’s your own sweet and juicy center of goodness? Imagine it into having a genuine effect.

Saturday morning, Juno changes sign, heading into Scorpio after a long run in Libra. The entirety of 2020* so far has had Juno in Libra, with Juno retrograde from February through May. Have we re-examined our commitments in relationship enough? How about our values and other Venus related matters. It has certainly brought up old areas of concern regarding possessiveness and sexual jealousy. Juno’s tour of Scorpio will be quick, finishing up a week after our last eclipse of the year (in December) – where Juno conjoins Venus on a new moon.

That sounds ominous, yes? Well it actually looks exquisitely delicious. Something to look forward to. In any case, commitment leaves an air sign for deep water, so expect to do some work around powerful connection. Fate, however, should assist, so allow for the flow to work its magic.

Juno in Scorpio brings up extra sexual themes – and people being extra over sex. Let the shift wash over you.

Saturday night, the Moon is also in Scorpio, starting out in conjunction to Juno. It heads into quincunx with Chiron as the Sun in Virgo quicunxes Mars. What feels like growing pains (metaphorically or literally) is actually a message… to adjust. Listen to your own senses and to what you’re getting via communications with others.

Sunday morning, the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus. Leo Venus demands attention and this opposition will redirect the mood so that happens. The Moon heads into square with Venus, sextile to Jupiter, and trine to Neptune. If your mood shifts on a dime, pick up that dime and spend it on good time. Whatever that means to you. Maybe even offer to treat.

By nighttime, the Moon is in orb of sextile to Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler. Scrumptious, dirty, a reliably transformative magic that moves heaven and earth.

What are your weekend plans? How was the hefty new moon on Thursday?

*Yeah, that’s right, I invoked it. If I drop dead over the weekend, you can all blame my flippant hubris.



Weekend Love Forecast – Juno Hits Scorpio For Powerful Pleasure — 6 Comments

  1. Juno has been in Libra for an awful long time, since November 2019. Do you think this ran in tandem with the pandemic? Not in a direct way, but as a consequence, how the pandemic and lockdowns have affected relationships.

    Especially as cohabiting couples would have been forced together 24/7 for months at a time, nothing romantic about being stuck together! Stats show that something like 40% of couples have broken up completely during the lockdown.

    I think Juno in Libra has been quite brutal actually, which belies the “nice” part of Libra. I hope Juno in Scorpio brings in welcome changes, and a bit of spice 😉 it will make an opposition to Uranus too, next month.

    Note that Juno will also conjunct Mercury when that goes retrograde in Scorpio come October. With the theme of Scorpio, I’m thinking transformation, renewal, and with Mercury retrograde, an energy of resurrection too. Maybe some relationship shadow work possibly?

    Would be interested in your thoughts 🙂

  2. Hahaha!!! I drempt about sex last night. Yeah, I was involved. How strange. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

    It was not really satisfying though, just there. I did not feel any desire to participate. I think there was leopard print involved. 😀 How animal of me.

    • I’ve decided the sex was not pleasurable or even satisfying because I did not desire it. There was no want of it.

      I had fallen dead asleep on the couch with the TV on after rescuing 2 bushels of green tomatoes and other veggies, and covering some others, before the frost last night. I was bushed and the tv stayed on. So most likey, the dream was instigated by whatever was playing on the tv. Those dreams are really useless as they are not from my subconscious but implanted by the media noise going on. I call that a wasted night of dreaming. And what a waste of sex! 😀

  3. Could you share the movie title I think it’s my turn to have that dream, I’ll share when I wake whether I am smiling or”are you kidding me”Look
    Not sure about the animal print but I almost bought zebra pants once.
    Juggling 3 jobs I think I don’t have time for loving ,boo hoo, but the cooler temps could be time to cuddle
    With more blankets our temps dropped 35 degrees the wind makes it feel like wood burning time

    • You got a wood burner? I am jealous. I had to get rid of mine. Couldn’t afford the remodel it was requiring. I loved the wood burner.

      I have no idea what was on the tv. I don’t have cable so it wasn’t one of those. It must have been a news story or ad or something because the sex came and went quickly. And it wasn’t at all something I would be involved in.

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