Weekend Love Forecast – It’s An Action-Mystery

mysteryFriday night, the Gemini Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius, moving into orb of trine with Jupiter and square to Neptune. Anything goes! Maybe not everything, but something pops, something that gets you moving emotionally and turns your orientation sideways on its axis. A Gemini mood can whip it!

Early Saturday morning, the Sun leaves Pisces for Aries, kicking us into gear for spring. Change is in the air with a straightforward and open position of engagement. Eager and agile, a Mercury-ruled Mars trines Saturn all weekend long. Hard work is invigorating but also social and fun.

Work can take place on an intellectual, spiritual, or creative plane with Pisces Mercury heading into square with Gemini Mars. If you believe in what you’re doing, results have a way of coming through somehow… as Mercury sextiles Uranus, the results may surprise you with actual gains, near term or further out. Listen to what comes through your mind and senses now though, the muse, inspiration, no matter how unusual.

Saturday night, the Gemini Moon squares Neptune, quincunxes Pluto, then moves into orb of square to a 29 degree Pisces Venus. It’s a bit of a ride, but the fantasy is delicious. What better for a Gemini Moon? It’s ready made to hold our interest and offer up a mystery that titillates and pleases.

Early Sunday morning, the Moon perfects its square to Venus then heads into its own rulership in Cancer to square the Sun. Immediately after, Venus moves onto the zero degree of Aries, chasing a conjunction to the Sun. It’s a mood to start something, to begin a matter of importance.

The benefits become obvious but are not guaranteed. It’s kind of like seeing the prize before you start the race. You don’t know if you’re going to win, but it’s nice to have something to chase.

The Cancer Moon moves on to slide into place alongside the exact Mercury-Uranus sextile, sextiling Uranus and trining Mercury. It’s a fancy mood of a bookend to the airy shenanigans and watery mystery plot of the weekend. We all love it when a plan comes together, but this plan gives good payout while flashing up a cliffhanger for next time.

There’s never an ending spot in the larger timeline of life, but these serial teasers really are getting us somewhere, bit by intriguing bit. Same bat time, same bat channel!

What are your weekend plans? WandaVision is as awesome as they say… and I got an unexpected vaccine (why I’m late to post)! Good times ahead!


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