Weekend Love Forecast – It’s All About Venus, All about “ME”

Friday night the Venus-ruled Taurus Moon conjoins Pallas Athena and sextiles Juno as Venus moves through the 29th degree of fiery Aries. The mood is calculating and motivated… for lust.

Lust doesn’t just have to be for sex. It can also be for control or power. This is particularly the case as Venus holds its past exact square to Pluto. It’s at least the aftershocks of these desires. But it can also be for sex.

Then Saturday morning, Venus moves into her own rule in Taurus. Less overt control and movement, more desire to acquire and luxuriate. However, with Uranus in the sign, these luxuries look a bit different and may be less conventionally satisfying for their newness. Think “acquired taste”, but still may become your favorite.

Saturday night’s Taurus Moon moves through the north node, crossing the emotional wake of the last two lunations (eclipses). It’s possible to tune in to your desire compass regarding the aftermath. As the Moon heads into sextile with Neptune, square with Saturn, and conjunction to retro Mercury (exact Sunday morning) – how we FEEL about what we’ve got/value/still wish for spurs a re-evaluation that could help us re-orient and re-invigorate.

This is particularly timely as Mars moves closer and closer into conjunction with Jupiter (exact early Sunday) – a HUGE PUSH for new movement and simple, direct, actionable meaning-making.

We reassess. We need to know what we want, what we have, and where we’re willing to go in order to take a stand and JUMP. “How high?” they always say. As high as it takes. And BOOM. It’s that fast. Given other factors, it may take a bit of time for visibility tho. Perhaps when Mercury goes direct after the new moon and gets back up to speed.

Sunday morning the Taurus Moon conjoins retro Mercury and trines Pluto. Talk (or write or artistically express) about these different perspectives you’re uncovering, what they mean to you on a heart and gut and throat level. Heck, dance about it; Mars-Jupiter supports that too.

Midday, the Moon moves to Gemini and heads into sextile with Jupiter and Mars, so there’s plenty of opportunity for mental, social, and verbal dancing as well. BROADCAST your heart.

There’s potential to make physical or conceptual art that goes viral NOW but fully viral LATER. Two bounces.

The Gemini Moon spends the rest of the day (and night) moving closer into new moon conjunction with the Sun, exact early Monday. Their first applying aspect is a square to Juno, and Mercury is slowing to station direct. So possessiveness or competitive instincts simmer in the background and definitely signal it’s best to wait for cooler heads to prevail. Self undoing is possible, so just be aware.

A good use of this fresh start (but somehow still waiting) is using that passion to find creative flow. Sink into artistic expression (DO) and wait for a better wave… then DROP IN and surf when it comes… later.

Gemini’s not the best at “later” so we shall see.

What are your weekend plans?

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