Weekend Love Forecast – Investigate And Experiment!

simon and garfunkelAll weekend, Mercury in Virgo moves in trine to retro Jupiter in Taurus, and the senses throb with an abundance of input. The mind also contends with extra information and communications. But what it all comes down to is what do we make of it all?

With Venus in Leo continuing in sextile to Libra Mars and square to retro Uranus in Taurus, the fruit of the meaning we draw comes with a twist. We’re best off to continue to internalize how it all jibes with our values and the impact on how we see ourselves. Generally, it’s exciting! AND, knowing more is a GOOD thing this time. Perhaps our luck is changing in this process!

Friday night, the cardinal Capricorn Moon sextiles retro Saturn and goes on to square Pallas Athena in Libra. Slow down, we’ve been here before. Put in the effort it takes to correctly run your night, and the mood is one of accomplishment and satisfaction. You know what to do… if you take the time to pay attention and work at it, to balance what you should do with what you need to do.

Late Friday/early Saturday, the Sun moves to Venus-ruled Libra to join Mars and Pallas Athena in the sign. Immediately after, Venus perfects its trine to Chiron. A season change signals a new beginning, and we’re all set to step right in and pretty up the place. When we know better, we do better; and now we know better (or at least we’re in process).

Saturday afternoon, the Capricorn Moon forms a grand trine in earth with Virgo Mercury and retro Jupiter. Cap Moon moods benefit from a bit of work. So whatever your intellectual or service pursuits, there’s a bounty of meaning and satisfaction to be made here when you mind the details and follow your nose. Keep at it! It’s exciting and buoys our frame of mind.

The Moon goes on to form a t-square with the opposition of Mars and retro Chiron (Mars-Chiron exact midday Sunday). I’d take a bet that whatever you discover in the afternoon leads to a bit of pitfall drama – the kind that results in a good deal of fun in the end. After all, Venus is sitting pretty in sextile to Mars. It’s one of those “a lesson learned by all” things, but with a smile and a laugh. Think Scooby Doo. Probably. At the very least, you’ve learned something you can apply going forward.

Sunday morning, the Cap Moon perfects a trine to retro Uranus then goes on to sextile retro Neptune and conjoin retro Pluto in the afternoon. Have you got your chores done? If so, something exciting, moving, and powerful grips your mood, in a good way. If not, you may feel undone, pushed, or under pressure from the unknown. It’s not too onerous, but it does point one on to duty and provides the motivation to perform. In fact, it’s an ideal time to jump in and follow the muse of the moment.

Later, the Moon moves to airy Aquarius and a trine to the Libra Sun. All’s well that ends well? It certainly does seem that way. It’s also a lovely way to take the temperature of your week. What’s been started that bears revisiting? Mercury is nearly to exact trine with retro Jupiter, and a juicy AHA is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, ears, nose, lips, mind.

Do you have any weekend plans? Any unfinished business you ought to follow up with? It’s nearly time to reap what we’ve sown!


Weekend Love Forecast – Investigate And Experiment! — 1 Comment

  1. Unfinished business? Nearly time to reap what’s sown? Reading that bit feels quite ominous actually. Sent a slight chill.

    Especially with the upcoming South node Solar Eclipse in Libra, with a stationary direct Pluto at the bending of the nodes. Very karmic stuff, themes of the past, accountability and consequences, it’s payout time, and centred on relationships.

    I feel the Equinox is the starting gun.

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