Weekend Love Forecast – Gregarious, Gracious Groove

blueFriday night, the Moon the tours the final degrees of Venus-ruled Taurus with the Sun newly in Scorpio at zero degrees. Neither makes any exact, conventional aspects, but the Moon approaches the north node, ahead at one degree Gemini.

Mars in Libra is past its square to Pluto and Libra Mercury is solidly direct, pulling away from opposition to Chiron. Sadge Venus wants to GO, and there are no barriers. With a Taurus Moon, however, the mood may dictate a sensual GO. Taurus Moon and Sadge Venus want it ALL.

With the Moon heading onto its north node, the mood supports stretching into something as near novelty as Taurus gets.

Saturday night, the Gemini Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Chiron. Last month with the Sun in Libra, this configuration felt more intellectualized, more social. Now with the Sun in Scorpio, there’s an inclination to synthesize and take stock of what we’ve just been through. To drop down a gear and cruise.

That Gemini mood plows through quickly and we can finally feel like we’ve got a handle on recent times, at least to the extent that we’re ready to think ahead now. There’s a need to have a strong grasp on what we’re working with, to be real about facts, interests, and what we sense about our relationships.

Sunday morning, the Moon perfects its trine to Mercury. If we’ve got a working understanding of the lay of the land, there’s a satisfying whir in our bellies, a need to learn more.

Toward the end of the day, the Gemini Moon heads into opposition to Venus and square to Neptune. Venus also heads into square with Neptune, a t-square. While we may feel we’ve got our bases covered, be aware that the anesthetic of Neptune may give us a few blind spots.

It’s easy to overspend a fortune by a dollar at a time when you’re quick on the draw.

It’s also easy to ignore the many signs that things are not as they seem, however much we may desire them to be so.

If you can roll with it it, all weekend really as Venus-Neptune is in effect much longer than its t-square with the Moon, there’s much to learn. A person who can resist an illusion may learn MUCH more.

Late Sunday, the Moon trines Jupiter and heads into trine with Mars (exact Monday morning). What feels good goes swiftly and ends well. It’s a tendency to make much of the mood and the mood helps us find our gregarious, gracious groove.

It feels good to see clearly when it’s misty. It feels like a win.

What are your weekend plans? How was the Aries full moon?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Gregarious, Gracious Groove — 3 Comments

  1. The full moon brought Jack Frost so I was scrambling to get the last of the garden picked and herbs snipped. That was interspersed with fix it projects and some org. Funny I can usually just focus on one thing or another. My days around this full moon have me more balanced moving smoothly from one thing to another. I would like to hang onto that. I have some kind of thing about having to finish one thing before doing another. So working stuff in tandem is much more flavorful and productive. I don’t find myself procrastinating so it is a better use of time when I need to get things done. I think it is a brain expansion where I am experiencing being able to hold more than one thing at a time. A whole structural change.

    Am helping out this weekend donating yard work, sewing repairs, and whatever else for young zebra. She had a hard time asking for help. Acceptance by her admitting she needs help. And a hard acceptance for me that she needs help. I just don’t want to accept her illness so I need a perspective change. She still has a drive for life so maybe I can focus there. Her wellness or something like that.

  2. The Full Moon lit the late degrees of my 4th House. Home and family are brightly lit. We are doing everything it takes to create a place to be, and have the space to welcome my family who will cross an ocean to be with us. The challenges are large, the values and reasons for accommodating primal. The Moon and North Node figure closely, as my Natal North Node is in Taurus and been rubbed like a Genie’s Lamp or in my case The Wind Gourd of La ‘amaomao.
    Between the astro guidance here on EE, and the ancient texts of my ancestors I consider the clues and voices. xo Thank you!!

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