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veg face“I love it when a plan comes together.” And plans are coming together. Mercury in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius exactly on Saturday night.

Our insights are back on the rails and headed for stardom. Our communications WILL HAPPEN. Boundaries and standards and deadlines have a place in creativity, even if they’re not particularly comfy.

Is there talk of commitment? YES! Of all sorts. There’s also the drive to pin down what IS going on in any given conversation or relationship. That is a DEFINITE good thing too. No illusions is the best way to approach these convos. So what if people are extra, it makes for an entertaining time.

The Sun rules Leo and it heads into trine with Jupiter in Aries, exact Sunday night. Self esteem has every chance to take off into space, so does self discovery and the creation of a new vibe, a fresh perspective. Or since Jupiter is retrograde, we may revamp an old paradigm in order to suit our newly intense or elevated sense of self.

But the real banger happens with the triple conjunction of Mars/north-node/Uranus in Taurus in sextile to Venus (ruler of Taurus) in Cancer (ruled by the Moon, a mood for love, money, mommy).

A while ago, I saw a meme/photo of a huge stone (Atlas stone) in an open elevator. It was labeled: What is going on here?? One of the commenters mentioned Sisyphus getting clever and going modern. THAT is the perfect metaphor for this energy. It’s a novel action that solves your eternal problem and allows you to RELAX without your usual anxiety. What is it you REALLY want? What would REALLY change your life? WOO! Disappear your problems up an elevator and feck off for drinks with someone lovely.

Friday night, the Leo Moon conjoins Mercury and goes on to oppose Saturn, kicking the mood into convo mode. If you must, you must, and you may as well get some satisfaction in it! Leo Moon has needs; it will not be silenced Maureen. !!!

Saturday night, a more nuanced and circumspect mood emerges as that dramatic convo energy peaks. The Moon opposes Vesta in Pisces. How far you’ll go is paced by how dear something is to your heart, and how useful – or how deserving.

Don’t try to PROVE something is dear to your heart by arguing for it. Divine if it’s dear by how persuasive your first view is. What’s your gut attitude? If it’s not compelling, let it drop and make space for a stronger option.

Those options are possible now, so don’t argue for your own detention and depletion.

On Sunday, the Virgo Moon spends the day heading into sextile with Venus and trine to Mars/north-node/Uranus. There’s plenty of time to plan, consider, sense, and investigate. Choose wisely, as you have some exciting and novel options.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Get To The Good Stuff — 6 Comments

  1. “I am sure it is everyone’s experience, as it has been mine, that any discovery we make about ourselves or the meaning of life is never, like a scientific discovery, a coming upon something entirely new and unsuspected; it is rather, the coming to conscious recognition of something, which we really knew all the time but, because we were unwilling to formulate it correctly, we did not hitherto know we knew.”
    ― W.H. Auden, Markings

  2. Yes Satori, agree with that Auden quote. I had a lightning bolt of intuition yesterday: I am sometimes so busy taking care of everyone’s needs that I neglect my highest good…that hurt and it brought me to tears…But the realization is important and the first step to making much needed changes. Mars uranus-North Node is in my 5th house. Thanks for that Auden quote!

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