Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Virgo, Let Go

Jane treesFriday afternoon, the Virgo Moon moves from opposition to Pisces Venus into trine with Uranus. The Mercury-ruled Virgo mood takes up the building electric pleasure of an applying sextile between Venus and Uranus. An added bonus finds Mercury itself closing in on a conjunction with Jupiter. Interest expands, pleasure mounts… the mood finds an avenue to flow as it embraces expanding the details and finding the plot.

As the Moon approaches its full moon opposition to the Pisces Sun, it quincunxes Chiron and Saturn, splitting their midpoint in a yod formation. A mood of service and minding the details is still soaked with the impact of balancing what is wanted with what is necessary. Fantasy is necessary to the life of the soul, but so is sustenance and duty to the life of the body. Add to that the need to improve without losing your own essential being and the list of important elements that must be kept grows.

When the Moon reaches opposition with the Sun overnight, we have a subtraction. What is NOT needed. Investigating our list of necessities can’t help but sort the wheat from the chaff. Sometimes what used to be wheat is now chaff. Edit. We have to edit, a big edit, for the future. For the solid future where we honor that which is essential in US… in YOU… in ME.

Things that are very vital and very important in one context can become superfluous or even counterproductive to life as we go into the future. The opposite would be to let go of dreams and be practical in only keeping what makes us productive. What we face this time is getting rid of some very realistic expressions of what has often made sense in the past. We’re keeping the dreams, some that have endured and some that are only now dawning.

Venus heads into sextile with Uranus, water to earth. If you ever want to make a dream real, you’ve got to give it the jolt of electricity to the Frankenstein’s monster of its imagined but soon to be tactile shell.

Saturday night, the past-full Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Neptune has been in Pisces for a while now, the sign that it rules. We’ve got some dreams downloaded in the fuzzy bits of our mind. The dream begins to filter out into the muddy world in dribs and drabs. This mood is receptive.

As the night wears on, the Moon moves into orb of a grand trine with Pluto and Mars, all in earth signs. Pluto has been dragging out the cracked foundation for years, leveling the ground for a new foundation. It’s likely we’ll feel some rumblings of what’s to come, what we WANT to come… or really need to follow up on.

It’s also a very physical delight and a superb moment to spread yourself out into whatever feels good, really feels good in your body. Sexy… smart… an itch gets scratched.

Keep after that itch, a new or old itch… or scratching the itch in a new way… on through Sunday afternoon. Possibly even beyond. The Moon moves to Libra in the afternoon and becomes the focus of a yod from Venus and Uranus. There’s also some pleasure possible here, but nothing as savage as an ITCH, for goodness sake. The Moon also picks up a trine to Saturn in Aquarius. Whatever pleasures and pleases us must not BORE us. Venus moves closer to the Sun and the Moon opposes Chiron. It must also be road tested and genuine.

Getting to a place of balancing who you really are, who you want and need to be, with an appreciation for the nicer things and a more sociable and successful affect takes some doing. But you can see it from here. Success means different things to different people, but at the very least, very few people want to blow off the whole of humanity to achieve their goals. Listen to the wisdom that comes along right now; it contains the seeds of your success.

I read Mokihana Calizar’s new newsletter and knew I was going to quote this: “To unfasten safety pins you have to let stuff go.” Then I saw she’d quoted me right afterward! I got so excited I lost the thread on my thought. But read her latest here: Na’u ka hauoli NEWSLETTER.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Virgo, Let Go — 3 Comments

  1. What made sense in the past,
    Operative word or verb “Past”
    ; got my fingertips in a tight 5 spot,
    Bringing them into my lips ,like a little blossom ,and Big kissy sounds!!
    Hand thrown up towards you ( cyberspace YOU/Satori) like an Italian backwards high 5!! Think I’ve learned this after a good bite of food
    Meaning “delicious””good job” kudos to the cook!!! spring thoughts simmering!! From your heart to pen to paper to my mind wiggling thru me
    To full blown soul twirk

  2. Satori, I read you because Mokihana reads you; she is her own special kind of magic and brings astrology to this Taurus. Thank you. Violetlake

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