Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon in Scorpio

emmaVenus is in Taurus. Mars is now in Cancer. This is a change in pace from the previous positions. With Mercury in Taurus and conjunct the Sun, I’d say the aesthetic is contemplative and pleasure seeking, pleasure planning specifically. With Mars in Cancer and the Moon approaching fullness in Scorpio, the mood is muscular and potent, diabolical, deliciously so.

Mars in Cancer brings agency to emotion. One won’t just feel, ones feels tangibly. There is twang. With added Scorpio Moon, it’s either erotic or unbidden bliss, or sturm and drang. Luckily the balance of Taurus drags its heals with enough good-natured ballast that liquid fire is banked.

Cancer Mars shines when bringing family together, forging a home, creating cozy connection. Unlike Mars in Pisces, this Mars won’t take just anyone, not unless they can be bent into family shape. It does this over time, dissolves you into the mix.

Mars in Cancer can be tantrums, or it can be the force that aids in mastering emotional regulation. You choose. It’s great at getting started.

Mars moves in sextile to Venus in Taurus. Opportunities to go after what you want abound. With Venus conjunct Uranus, these are bound to be brand new goodies. They may be surprising or unlike anything you considered before. Open up to the possibilities of the untested treat. With Mars, you sample. With Cancer Mars, you’ll feel its worth.

You may find you want something that seems unusual, weird, or strange. But remember, things are only strange at first. Then they’re know quantities. Sometimes when you meet under an aspect like this, though, you can retain the novelty over time.

Late Friday, Mercury trines Pluto. Whatever takes over your mind and senses will be all encompassing and a powerful attractant. People are thirsty. Whether or not they explicitly tell you… they signal.

Friday night’s Scorpio Moon trines Juno and Neptune. Overnight it sextiles Saturn and Pluto. It’s easy to get whipped up over what we strongly need and are not getting. If you’re closer to satisfaction generally, naturally, this can be quite pleasant. If you’re feeling needy already, it pulls. This pull can activate any latent possessiveness, jealousies. If you remember that, you can use the knowledge to regulate your mood. La, how jolly!

The more you regulate your mood, the more satisfied you’ll feel.

Saturday, the Scorpio Moon opposes Mercury then goes on to oppose the Sun for the full moon. The waning sextile from Pluto is the closest aspect. We may still be feeling possessive about something we’d be more empowered to let go. It may be as simple as letting go of the feeling that blocks our empowerment. Not everything has to be literal.

If something’s “killing” you, you can let it go. Or you can take truly powerful action and transmute that powerful emotion into something that works in your favor. We can’t control the actions of others. Our feelings don’t move them to benefit us. That’s manipulation and it only causes disease in our relationships. Empower yourself by taking emotional control.

You can tantrum, or you can take steps to regulate.

Later Saturday night, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and the mood gets a humorous BUMP. We get a feeling of philosophical clarity, or we can spin out. I plan to feel hopeful and lucky if at all possible. The Moon opposes the midpoint of Venus and Mars. You can choose to feel huffy and cranky or seek pleasure. I like the latter.

Sunday morning, the Sadge Moon squares Neptune. I’d say lack of follow through. Sometimes you just need to waffle and eff off for a while. Why not. With Mars in sextile to Uranus, try new things!

With Juno heading onto the north node, we’re nearing a time to commit. So play while you can (not ominous… more in a fun tone).

The full moon in Scorpio takes place in the late degrees. What does it hit for you? What are your weekend plans?

On Taurus Mercury trine Pluto under a Scorpio full Moon:

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov



Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon in Scorpio — 10 Comments

  1. Such a meaningful quote, Dostoyevsky. The Scorpio Full Moon conjuncts my natal Scorpio Sun: a New Moon by transit while the Moon opposes in Taurus. A new version of old, old meanings rose to the surface as the moon gets fuller. The discomfort and old pain? Required I not lie to myself or my husband. “The emotion damage persists in the fascia(between the layers),” my Somatics teacher tells me, “but, you and I must work gently not fast or with determination. You are sensitive. Slow is better.”
    I’m seeking to distinguish that truth Dostoyevsky spoke of.

  2. Dostoiévski. Great read. It’s past 4am as I write and i cant seem to sleep. I feel electric. Venus/ur on my natal sun in the 1st (opp pluto). Merc/tr sun will hit my mars (1st) while the full moon sits on my sat… and thats not even the whole story. I feel good though. Finally getting over the 2015 pluto sq ur transit. Maybe this full moon is the last splinter of it 🙂

  3. The FM will be exactly conjunct my MC today. I need to keep my emotions in check as I’ve been feeling irritable. I have had some weird communication exchanges with my siblings with the heavy Taurus stellium in my 3H.

    Great post, Satori!

  4. It’s on my ascendant, my daughters MC, my sons lot of fortune, mine and my husbands composite Uranus MC conjunction, and my dad’s Ceres. My dad just did estate planning and it’s now official that he is leaving the business to my husband and myself. On a different note, Aunt Flo is visiting me. 😤 My husband had an encounter with a provocative female last night and I’m feeling pangs of jealousy even though he turned down all advances. I’m just not in a good place physically. I’ve put on too much weight and my knee is having issues with pain and swelling. I’ve started keto in a desperate move to shed some weight. (On the new moon) So I may be a bit emotional and cranky.

  5. conjuncts my natal sun as well. I think I have my emotions wrapped up too tight..Maybe I just need to get really drunk and let it out..I have not been drunk in 20 years.

    • Opalina, we have many similarities. I don’t drink alcohol really. I say it like that because I know I’ve sipped someone else’s beverage if they requested I sample the taste. I feel like I have too much to take care of to allow myself to be in an inebriated state. People rely on me. I’m starting to feel though that I need release. Wrapped up too tight for sure!

    • Try 20 years of celebacy and married my spouse is very ill and Diabetic,I am Scorpio/Sag Leo ascendant and I am a hot tamale, but I discovered that I can transmute my sexual energy into a healing energy and it works, because I am a hugger the heat of my body heals others. For me I wouldn’t dare mix drinks with this because I would become volatile with this energy all over the place lol so like the pressure cooker opening it slowly. Thanks for the time.

  6. I’m having a combo of Taurus/Virgo. I cleaned the outdoor furniture and grill and got it up to shape. Then I bought a steak ( I can’t remember the last time I did that) for the grill, made slaw annnnnnd I bought some sparkling margaritas. Real French bread, real butter, roasted garlic, mashed potatoes, then had coffee ice cream with a biscotti cookie on the bottom (thank you Blue Bunny ice cream company!)

  7. “…the mood is muscular and potent, diabolical, deliciously so.” I feel poetry here.
    Ah, Dostoyevsky, one of my favourite authors.

  8. I had a very nice time. I don’t know if I’m lying to myself. I am certainly stubborn and resistant to parts of myself I hate. I am certainly hungry (Mars/Venus Pluto transit)

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