Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Sagittarius

boy heliosFriday night, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune and Venus. Venus perfects its weeklong trine to Neptune. Slip under the radar when you can and join all of life in sweet, communal flow.

We want this, we need this. Feel it fill you up and move that energy around: around your body, your mind, your senses, your soul. Welcome it back inside – refreshed, infused with meaning, sopping with desire.

All weekend, Mercury conjoins Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus. Wake up your senses and train them on desire. This desire is not about hedonistic pursuits; it’s about what feeds you, what you NEED. It’s time to move our focus to the pleasures that revolutionize.

Start a revolution: start loving your body. Love is action. Take care of what you love. Your body connects to your environment and to other bodies. Mars is in Leo. Act with a fiery generosity that feeds life.

Late Friday (early Saturday), the Moon moves to Sagittarius and a sextile to Pluto. A mood crescendo of intensity packs a punch. That punch is instantly motivating, so seize the opportunity as it presents.

Saturday’s Sadge Moon trines Mars in Leo then goes on to oppose the Gemini Sun in the night: the full moon. The full moon takes place in trine to Pallas Athena in Leo and applying trine to Chiron in Aries, a kite with a grand trine in fire in tune with the airy Sun.

While something fateful ends, this ending feeds our understanding of what we need to fully live. This is echoed in the currently out of sign opposition of Venus in Cancer to Pluto in Aquarius. Something we value, something we think we need is to be taken, subtracted, and we feel it coming. But the loss we’re feeling, grieving is not the totally of the impact. The true impact is growth and a win. Grief doesn’t feel like that.

Feel the feelings, but allow your mood to rebound. Don’t cling, expand. Grow. GIVE. Generosity is baked in. Remember that grief has stages. Sometimes they slip around and burn you down, but what you must do is keep them moving. There’s joy in there to find. Most of the grief pain here is from stagnation and lack of movement, so keep moving.

The involvement of Pallas highlights our patterns, our life-affirming and brilliant patterns. Pay attention to what you sense and how it strings together.

A full moon in Sadge is a bolter. Some run to, some run away. The reasons are uncountable. Whether or not those reasons are healthy, whether you’re leaving or left, there’s a way to ride it to your benefit. Look for that way and jump on it.

On Sunday, the Sadge Moon perfects its trine to Chiron and heads into square with Neptune. Sadge ruler Jupiter begins a sextile to Saturn in Neptune-ruled Pisces. When confusion blanks your mood, trust and believe that you’re on your way. Find your hidden supports, or reach out for help. Trust it will be there, believe till it is.

We have a great deal of learning to do, but when it hits it’s ours to keep.

The full moon takes place at 13 degrees Sagittarius on Saturday night. Where does it hit your chart? Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Sagittarius — 4 Comments

  1. So uplifting and inspiring Satori , thank you ! Three fire sign family members are doing great finaly. One is graduating, The other two finaly have more energy and optimism after months /years of blah. We are feeling it !

  2. I have a first date. I am stressed (natal Venus in Capricorn conjunct Saturn) about it but this full moon seems supportive.

  3. hello everyone, today this full moon, hits my venus exact at 13 degrees, NN at 12, and rising at 10 😳 jeez im not sure whatto make of this today im just allowing energy to flow thru me til i feel i can use it. but w the sun opposing my sun and it trining my gemini moon im just going to allow some aur just to add wind to me and ill move w the flow ! ill keep yall posted so that yall can know how this energy really impacted me on all aspects . anyhow have a great weekend to all 😘

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