Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Libra

dylanThis week set the stage for the full moon in Libra with Mercury’s square to Mars and Venus’ conjunction to the Aries Sun. Something has already shaken down so that we can make future sense of it. Action will result in making our aims clearer.

Venus will conjoin Chiron before Sunday’s full moon as well, an aid to simple self understanding and a pleasant push to be authentic.

Mercury continues on beyond the square to Mars, into orb of conjunction to Neptune. Data and sensual experiences swirl around upstairs, drawing down divine level conclusions or possibly the pitfalls of magical thinking or delusion. Having doubts about your conclusions tends to be the reasonable response. But if you have doubts, you’re well-reasoned… sooooo.

Friday night, the Virgo Moon quincunxes Saturn then squares Mars on the north node. There is inevitable “stuff” to deal with, but dealing with it is bound to make you feel better. The Moon opposes Mercury overnight. Putting things off can be an attractive proposition, but only do so if you have a concrete plan of action and it makes practical sense. If you’re genuinely overwhelmed and it’s a need (to put things off), well it is what it is. Cut yourself all the slack you need. An ugly cry is refreshing.

Saturday night, the Virgo Moon trines Pluto, moves through the end of the sign, then heads into Libra at night’s end. It’s a powerful, intense time. Acknowledging that makes a difference. Being of service can really fuel people up at this time. That means some people will be on the receiving end of that help. We should all get comfortable being on either side of that equation. If we’re not, it’s something we should think over quietly.

Sunday morning, the Moon in Libra heads into opposition with the Aries Sun. By midday we have the full moon. The full moon opposition loosely splits a past-exact trine between Mars and Saturn. Mars, Saturn, and the Moon in air signs form a kite with the Sun, Chiron, and Venus in fire.

Our relationships feed us. We need them to continue being who we are, to even exist. However, we must learn who we genuinely are, be that, and make the most of our authentic being if we are to participate to genuine and beneficial effect that lasts. It’s a full cycle from self to other to self again.

The full moon takes place at 8 degrees Libra. Where does this hit your chart? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Libra — 2 Comments

  1. Going to try to clean the sides of my driveway , kinda long dense and ratty with vines scrubby brushy junk , and hand cut out then take up winter mess ,I know dark of moon best ,but gonna take moonlight and Saturday (day off) to the max , hell might
    Dream of trying to drink wine by nightfall ( been trying for years, can’t manage to finish a glass, but it teases
    Me , me thinking I’ll feel silly or lighthearted, to get outside of myself and take a look at what do I look like??)we’ll see if I have money
    After food shop and time to drive downtown? The scruffy bushes leave Today!

  2. The intense Friday time of “a big ugly cry” did happen. And, it wasn’t so much ugly as fully overflowingly necessary. I remember you said this, and felt you near … that meant good. It’s a happening time these full moons … Crow Moon among her many names:) xo

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