Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Aquarius

lion vintage valentineFriday night the Moon moves through the end of Saturn-ruled Capricorn and into Uranus-ruled Aquarius. The transiting Moon’s sign rulers are involved in a long term square which while currently waning is still a source of tension. It’s that feeling of foreboding.

Of course that FoF is also due to the impending full moon opposition to the Leo Sun that perfects late in the night. Most of the week’s non-moon aspects have already popped, but Cancer Mercury is active with an impending trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto. Our full moon encompasses sensory and communication flavors that run the gamut from delightful shades of memory experienced viscerally to confusion and overwhelm.

Some are visited by fairy wings, some get emotional flashbacks. Impacted as it is by the Saturn-Uranus square, consider that whatever you’re getting is an indicator of how you’re experiencing that long term square as it relates to whether or not you need some assistance in processing what’s coming through.

On a mundane note, it’s also a time when people snap and lash out verbally. Another subset will lash out physically. If this happens in your sphere, use that full Aquarius Moon snap-magic to snap them out of your orbit.

Are you having an epiphany or a trauma event? If it’s trauma, you need a guide. Get a guide. This fixed square energy and our TWO full moons ruled by Uranus are no joke, but they can be a blessing. If you’re not feeling the possibility that you’re getting free and that it’s a blessing, you need a guide.

That can be a book, a you-tube deep dive, a therapist, an astrologer, your bestie. What it takes is vulnerability and a commitment to experiment, to open your mind.

Saturday afternoon, the Aquarius Moon squares Saturn then goes on to square Uranus. Pay attention to what you think about how you feel. In the post-full aftermath, take stock of how sensory input and interactions with others affect you. Are you anxious, overwhelmed, calm, resigned? Are you having ideas and co-creating, or do you want to retreat, burrow underground or escape into space?

With this and the next full moon, our ego is under pressure. Ego gets a bad rep, but we need an ego to interact with the world. The Sun in our chart symbolizes who does all the feeling, wanting, thinking, and acting. The Sun in the sky points a finger collectively but also influences this function in each of us.

Where is Leo in your chart? This year, it’s a particular spot for creative change and challenges us to grow up and take control. We’re getting an upgrade. There’s only so long you can put off that change. Get in there and figure out what it means for you personally!

On Sunday, the Aquarius Moon opposes Mars as Mercury opposes Pluto. The Moon quicunxes Mercury while Mars holds a waning quincunx to Pluto. We want to move forward and act in a clean, warm, and life-affirming motion. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past; what matters is how you go forward from here. You’re not free from repercussions, but if you know it’s time to chance, you’ve gotten clear signals it’s time to turn your life around, this influence will MOVE YOU.

Let it move you, then use that momentum to move YOURSELF going forward.

Sunday ends as the Moon moves to Pisces and conjoins retrograde Jupiter. Hope is hollow in times like these. Embrace a philosophical transformation in the seat of your emotions and the heart of your family. It’s not just the usual description of family. Your family lies within you, whole and healthy – waiting to join you in transcending mundane resistance to a whole heart and healthy life.

The full moon takes place at 1 degree Aquarius. Where does this hit your chart? Are you feeling it?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In Aquarius — 3 Comments

  1. Oh yeah!!been biting tongue
    Trying to remind myself
    Everyone entitled their take on life
    And all it’s props
    I can only self interpret what I
    See feel and am affected by
    Everyone else has their own take
    And… no one will be able to have my take, I have traveled the road
    Marked for me, and impossible to recount, lousy story not one to repeat, as I have tried to explain why I am the way I am (I am breathing and thanks God for that,working for a daughter in law to be?she angers always that I don’t constantly have her take on
    Things, there is no play book for life
    It’s a cosmic merry go round
    Hope ,most ,have something to
    Wrap their hand on, but some have
    The misfortune of no hands
    So… spins our planet , absolutely feel like howling but will try this day
    On with the animal in me on a muzzle
    What’s that saying, the best is what
    You don’t say.

  2. Raerae I love your word planting! And “will try this day on with the animal in me on a muzzle” that caught my Leo by the tail. Leon with a muzzle. Wowser.

  3. The Full Moon at 1 degree Aquarius is in my 1st House Natal, but in my 10th House Progressed the Moon crosses my Progressed Sun lighting up the progress of my evolving life, as a Scorpio born with lots of Leo (in the 7th and 8th). What Raerae said about muzzling the animal in her keeping chiming in my mind and soul. How fitting. Sometimes I was far too muzzled (Saturn conjunct Pluto and Mars as a kid!)
    Now, Leo houses Saturn and Pluto in an opposition to my Progressed Aquarius Sun. The Universes are asking for a matured response.
    You say, “Where is Leo in your chart? This year, it’s a particular spot for creative change and challenges us to grow up and take control. We’re getting an upgrade. There’s only so long you can put off that change. Get in there and figure out what it means for you personally!” Digging deep and using both Natal and Progressed angels to discern just what the fig does an upgrade mean?!
    Good forecasting Satori, I’ve had both trauma and epiphany; and you count as one of my guides. xo

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