Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon Eclipse In Leo, Aquarius Sun

emmaFriday night, the Moon at the end of Gemini quincunxes the Sun at the end of Capricorn. The Moon sextiles Uranus and squares Chiron. The Sun sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus. There’s irritation and imbalance afoot. But you’ll also notice that it’s not particularly problematic. Oddly enough, each balances on the other. Frame it like this and consider: What if we’re human and fallible, but we just go on and it’s all okay.

If you see someone slip sideways with their mood, maybe remind them. Or remind yourself. The Moon then moves to Cancer and into its own rulership. What do you need in your life to feel satisfied, just in general? It’s a good time to open a window into the heart of that matter.

Saturday afternoon, the Cancer Moon opposes Saturn. It moves into quincunx with Venus and Jupiter. It trines Neptune and squares Mars. Venus moves closer into conjunction with Jupiter as Venus squares Neptune and Mars trines Jupiter. Taken as a whole, the mood is ripe to suss out where things are working versus not working for us. Where are we fooling ourselves and to what extent? Are we missing something obvious to others? Our desires are never wrong, but where are we barking up the wrong tree?

If you feel blocked, open up to that feeling. When you do, it can unravel the knot of where that blockage exists. We want SO MUCH. When we’re not moving forward with what we’re doing to get there, it’s not always easy to pinpoint what’s holding us back. Saturday is a great time to feel around for the knot. It’s on display when we drop our shoulders and relax. Relax and feel.

Aries Mars is moving toward a trine to Jupiter and perfecting a square to Saturn. The urge to GO is hung up on inertia or impediment. There’s also an urge to break free of that impediment by pushing HARDER and more violently. Mercury on the Moon’s south node moves into square with Uranus. Great ideas are either flying too fast to catch, or they disappear as they land. The same thing goes with communications. It can be irritating. You put the Mars thing together with the Mercury situation and you’ve got issues that can end up taking you nowhere – fast OR slow.

We have the knowledge. We have the skills. Access more flow in the mood by going a bit zen in your heart. That’s when you find the knots and get a read on loosening them. Slow, deep breathing is magical, and it’s underutilized. You can start over as many times as you need.

Early Sunday morning, the Sun moves into 0 degrees Aquarius. The Cancer Moon opposes Pluto then Mercury. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron and square Uranus. Look for echoes of what you’ve been thinking or feeling, what you’re sensing. It may be someone is clearly manipulative and it doesn’t feel right. It’s possible someone says something that mirrors exactly what you were thinking. Whatever it is, comfortable or uncomfortable, there’s the ability to gauge what is right for you by your gut reaction. Listen to YOURSELF. And then listen to what that has to tell you.

If someone is messing with you and you feel it, now you know. If someone is jibing with you and you feel it, you know that too. Neither situation means go all in or go all out. Keep your perspective hedged with logic. All info is good info.

Sunday, Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces exact. There’s no doubt we desperately want something. Saturn moves into sextile with Neptune, but it moves slowly. Appreciate the vivid sweetness of desire. In this space, anything is still possible. Timing is everything. With Jupiter near Venus, we can get too wound up over what’s not happening yet. Keep that in mind. Appreciate the period of timing you’re currently inhabiting, or what good is any of it? Don’t be someone who rushes the joke and bungles the payoff. Give yourself time.

Sunday night, the Moon moves to Leo and into opposition with the Aquarius Sun, the full moon eclipse. This lunation occurs with Mercury nearing the south node in Capricorn, 12th house to the Sun. If you tell someone or something goodbye, it can be pretty permanent. It can also be a mistake. You need to be sure of what you’re saying. Pluto is nearby. Words have power. Be serious, and don’t go off half-cocked, playing for drama. That can be a very Leo Moon thing to do.

It’s not magic. It’s not a big deal because MAGIC. It’s a big deal because it’s emotionally charged and full of drama. People can be generous and forgiving, but wouldn’t it be better if you considered the impact before you need that? If you hear something you’re not thrilled about, consider that as well. There’s much opportunity to get wound up this weekend. For good or ill. For both! It’s a fun weekend! Be wise, and give it all time before you react.

What are your weekend plans? The eclipse occurs and 0 degrees Leo/Aquarius. Where does that hit your chart?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon Eclipse In Leo, Aquarius Sun — 17 Comments

  1. “There’s much opportunity to get wound up this weekend. For good or ill. For both! It’s a fun weekend! Be wise, and give it all time before you react.”

    I have THREE big things happening this weekend. Very unusual for me.

    I have Moon in Cancer and boy am I ever feeling it.

    I definitely need to “Listen to YOUR(MY)SELF. And then listen to what that has to tell you.”

    Thanks Satori! Have yourself a great weekend!

  2. Going to a local art gallery and showing the kids how amazing it is, with the stories they tell.

    Also out drinking with work mates, there’s free food and beverages, then running away after a few hours, I’m 100 compared to my young workmates lol.

    This will all hit my 8th and 2nd house. Yes i can see it play out here.

  3. My youngest son is an unaspected 0 Leo. This eclipse also hits my husbands chart Uranus at 2 Leo squaring 0 Neptune in Scorpio and 29 moon libra. We shall see…

  4. Thank you Satori for reminding us to breathe in and find the knot. I know I have one! And I already got a swift preview of this Leo Moon drama and going off half cocked last night. Too long to go into, but once I landed somewhere further away from said drama, I felt much more calm and relaxed. The sticky part is what will I face today! Will definitely take a pause before speaking and reacting. Have a great weekend everyone!

  5. This eclipse highlights my Leo 6H and tail end of my Aquarius 12H; finding a balance between the details of everyday living and my spiritual needs.

    It’s interesting to discover that this eclipse will form a kite with my 8H Libra Sun and 4H Gemini Mars. I think this will put an emphasis on me asserting (Mars) myself (Sun). Funny, I (Sun) was just thinking of going (Mars) to a used bookstore (Gemini) and the art museum (Libra) tomorrow! How appropriate.

  6. It’s square to my Mars and I’m all fired up over fighting a state senate bill that targets my day job industry! I’m calling my senator and wording my petition draft! (3rd house Mars)

  7. Working all weekend with an eye on the weather. They say any snow we get will “not stick or matter”. I hope that means the roads remain passable.

    The eclipse will be in my 8th house.

  8. This thing is hitting nearly everything in my chart.
    I have a late Cancer rising which it conjuncts, opposes Mercury, squares my MC, trine Pluto, sextile my Taurus moon and inconjunct my Uranus.
    I’m emotional, irrational, in situations that constantly test me and bring irritation, my job in particular, but I’m also receiving encouragement and aide from friends and meeting some nice people.

  9. I’m thinking about finally investing the money in my retirement account. I need to, it’s been sitting in there NOT growing for 2 years because I keep forgetting to do this. This falls under 8th house, IMO.

    Would it be better to wait until a week or two after the eclipse? I hear you shouldn’t start anything during or near a total lunar eclipse, it won’t end well.

  10. Boy did I ever need all this advice to properly and successfully navigate this weekend! I came back and re-read parts as needed to see me through. Still one Big Thing to go through, then whew, big sigh of relief!

    Thanks for all the wisdom and guiding posts, Satori.

  11. Eclipse is in the 7th house conjunct natal Jupiter…so I can see that the effects will feel magnified (in Jupiterian fashion). Lets see if this includes partnerships in many areas of my life…

  12. there are FIVE sesquiquadrate aspects occurring right now with the ‘super’ full moon just about to be exact…have to wonder how that will manifest in anyone born tonight with these many sesquiquadrates in their chart…I have a single one, between moon & Neptune, and its been related to life long issues for me, emotionally exhausting at times….can’t imagine having to deal with 5 of this irritating aspect.

    • Updating my comment above -all the Sesquiquadrates configure into two configurations called “Thor’s Hammer”…again Im thinking that such configurations have to have quite an impact on one’s chart if born at this time with a super full ‘wolf’ moon to boot!

      • I’ve looked at the daily charts since the early 80’s and always wonder how the newborns will be. With this full moon, of these two Quadriforms/Arrowheads/Thors hammers, the one with Venus/Jupiter sq Neptune is also a Quad-kite as the Sun makes 45° semisquares to the wing square while it opposes the Moon. Throw in the T-square and it shows the Moon is the one planet involved in all 3 configurations. Also Neptune is at the midpoint of the Sun square Uranus making a 45° semisquare to each. Yup it’s a doozie.

  13. Sharing a home with a person born with Leo Moon squaring his Scorpio Sun (eclipses have odd repercussions, oftentimes outside of what/when we expected). He had a delayed reaction, so it hit him yesterday… after conversations with his siblings (who do not understand his bipolar – medicated, & counselled – condition). Myself, Pluto transiting my 4th house (similar to my natal Pluto, in 11th house, because Aquarian influences abound in my extended family)… lets say, cleaning up crap is ordinary.

    Life goes on. Really. For those of us who can tune into the inherent music underlying ordinary life, we can thus keep touch with what really matters, bigger and long & reaching than any random moment.

    I can’t make music. A handicap, for sure. I do, however, appreciate the music made by chose of you who can.

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