Weekend Love Forecast – Full Fairy Moon In Pisces

Friday afternoon, Venus in Virgo quincunxes Jupiter (ooooh waaaaant soooo muuuuch) and holds an orb of square to Mars in Gemini (“grr”)(“I don’t know if it’s you or me who sucks, but it’s pissing me off! Or it’s making me feel sorry for myself… or you”).

The Pisces Moon squares Mars then sails toward opposition with the Virgo Sun. Rough seas, but in a good way I think. It’s different than the turbulent movement of the past week. If you can separate all that out, that is, and open up to the excitement of churn and billow and bank. Feel that salt spray on your face, the sun at your back. Wind cooling and carrying. Lean back and feel its invisible support (Sun quincunx Saturn all weekend).

By the time the air calms, we’re working our way into the exact full moon overnight. Libra Mercury stilled, stationed all day, turns retrograde, heading back into trine with Mars and opposition to Jupiter. Perfect for a change of attitude, literally and mentally. Thinking may not clear exactly, but it finds another point of reference to steer toward. And it BOOMS. It slaps, as the cool folk say.

You’re going to hear about your relationship. Your relationship will speak volumes even if the people do not speak at all. It’s going somewhere (where?).

We pivot and we understand. It may not make sense yet, not completely, but the flow of facts and invigorating motivation goes in, goes out. We CAN get somewhere. It’s a retread, but it’s not.

The Sun and Moon head into close trine and sextile with Uranus in Taurus as we glide into the full moon. Judgement is nearly suspended, but its capacity is there, ready to assess and ponder. Rethink. The mood and the final say is beyond words. And it’s not airy fairy either. It’s watery fairy, the kind with teeth, the kind that will hold you down and move you – in less than the blink of an eye – the undertow. Terrifying. Till you pop up somewhere magical… but truly strange. Go, go with it. Narnia, Oz, Middle Earth, a TimeLord. All the fun happens when you just go with it. Don’t be a dud, a worrywart, a Eustace. Get in the big blue box and go.

Saturday night we get a chance to lengthen our stride, our stroke, our mind… as the Moon in Pisces conjoins Neptune and sextiles Pluto. There’s nothing but the flow, so we have to go along. Let it fix you.

Sunday morning is a new world with the Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter. More BOOM. This time fiery boom that lifts you up. Your own petard? I hope not, but it will be fun regardless. The active mood meets the feet meets the road as the Moon opposes retro Mercury and sextiles Mars. You have to decide to go, or the go will decide for you. One way or another, or both. Overnight the Moon conjoins Chiron. It only hurts when you resist. Get with the program and grow.

The full moon takes place at 17 Pisces. Where does that hit your chart? Do you have any weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Full Fairy Moon In Pisces — 2 Comments

  1. Selling flowers this morning
    Going to find fish or at least
    Edge of water, that’s all
    First Sunday off all summer
    Exhausted need to stop
    And rest

  2. That Full Moon precisely conjuncts my 6th House Chiron, which opposes my 12th House Sun Stellium, mostly Pluto at the tail end.

    And nearly precisely trines my Scorpio Neptune–in fact the FM is a part of my natal Water Trine.

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