Weekend Love Forecast – From A Spark To A Flame, Desire And Meaning

flowerFriday and Saturday the Moon is in fixed water in Scorpio. Sunday it hits mutable fire in Sagittarius. In water the Moon lights up Virgo Venus’ involvement with the glorious Jupiter-Neptune trine. In fire it sets the stage for the Sun’s dramatic entrance in Leo.

Friday night the Scorpio Moon sextiles Venus. Venus sextiles Jupiter, exact Sunday, and moves closer into opposition to Neptune. Water to earth, the Moon and Jupiter fill Venus’ cup with meaningful interaction. It satisfies the need to connect as well as the feeling that particular connection has value and growth potential. The urge may be there to make more out of it than what it is, though.

Shoot for the authentic rather than the ideal. In that way, both can cycle in. Don’t artificially build something (or someone) up; appreciate for what is there… and you’ll find more to appreciate. There’s no need to rush things. When the cup is emptied, it will be filled again. Don’t hoard or over serve. Give and take is a beautiful balance.

Saturday morning, retrograde Mars in Aquarius opposes Pallas Athene across the Moon’s nodes. Pallas moving over the north node here is likely to show up in a Goofus versus Gallant moment. Worn out coping mechanisms are contrasted with a new, creative, and bright way of framing things. You’ll see it when you’re ready to see it.

That brings us to Leo Mercury in trine to retrograde Vesta in Sagittarius. Vesta in Sadge is devoted to its philosophy. In retrograde, those tenets may be questioned in order to master the subject matter. The mind and senses in trine bring in just the right shine for attitude adjustment. Expect a lot of bright ideas and mind opening conversations. Don’t expect to change any minds, but do have those discussions. Humor abounds! Let yours shine.

Late Saturday, early Sunday, the Scorpio Moon trines the 29 degree Cancer Sun. It then goes on to Sagittarius and a trine to Chiron in Aries. The emphasis moves from flow and taking things in, to an enthusiastic, upbeat mood that translates creative energy to personal growth.

Sunday afternoon, the Sun moves to Leo and a trine to Chiron. It’s a warm approach to learning and teaching. A generous spirit promotes healing. Sunshine seeps through the cracks.

Also Sunday, Venus makes its exact sextile to Jupiter. There’s more love. Give some away, it naturally replenishes.

By day’s end, the Moon sextiles Mars. As the Mars-Pallas opposition wanes, Mars pulls into square with Uranus as Pallas (pattern intelligence) squares Juno (contractual commitment and sexual jealousy). The upbeat mood soothes the irritation that goes along with the friction we get when we realize we have to change our way of thinking in order to change our way of doing. Not because someone said so… because it’s the smart way to go, and we’re smart.

Some agreements will need to be altered. For some that may happen disruptively. For others it’s merely the trouble of brokering a new agreement. Think creatively and go in the direction that makes sense – not the way you’ve always operated. A quick fix is not the real deal. Sometimes things are just awkward.

I see the weekend as both irritating and blissful, in equal measure. You may get one, but you’ll get the other too. And there’s so much love, so much meaning, if only you’ll see and feel it. Let it in. Then breath on its spark and watch it grow.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – From A Spark To A Flame, Desire And Meaning — 4 Comments

  1. Another great column, Satori! Thanks for doing the research and writing your information in such a creative fashion! I also noticed that Tr asteroid Ceres is in an applying conjunction to Tr Venus in Virgo. I believe this would lend an earthy, motherly, practical flavor to social interactions. Chicken noodle soup, anyone?!

    • Thank you so much! Also, I agree… on the downside though – could be a critical mother. Still – it could be ultimately nurturing. Good intentions are there – with Neptune opposite, the meaning can be imposed for good or ill. A person would have to look at what they’re wanting it to mean… and what that means. Ooooh, rabbit hole.

  2. This weekend I’ve mostly been working. Today I’m catching up on housework and moving any boxes of stuff belonging to me and ST to the storage shed (the stuff I’m not sure about keeping). Sending done of my stuff to be donated, today or tomorrow .

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