Weekend Love Forecast – Fresh Pleasures And Plans, Authentic Needs Met

em MacFriday night, Venus holds a past exact conjunction to Uranus as Mercury moves in to conjoin it as well, all in Taurus. All three move in square to Saturn in Aquarius with Venus exact on Saturday and Mercury on Sunday.

Mercury and Venus pick up this year’s background stress of Saturn square Uranus, a clash between innovation and stagnation, chaos and order, change and tradition. Uranus in Taurus can be “get rich quick” vibes or it can be an unexpected change in values. Taurus touts resources and principles, and Uranus finds novel solutions that stir things up.

Saturn in Aquarius, however, is not exactly simple. While Saturn emphasizes stability, perseverance, and boundaries, Saturn in Aquarius works hard at innovating systems.

Venus and Mercury in Taurus bring earthy and tangible desires and plans to the forefront. In square to Saturn and tied in to Uranus, we may be blocked from plans and prizes that aren’t fresh and, well, good for us. We may in fact reach a higher level of personal morality, a different standard of ethics.

With Venus square Uranus here, it’s possible to miss out on what you always wanted but find a better way to get that itch scratched. Mercury in Taurus square Saturn highlights changing tastes and attitudes. It also could bring unwelcome or jarring news that reshapes how you engage pleasure and profit.

Experiment! How do you know unless you try? It may be tough to gauge when to persevere and when to branch out, but it’s fun to find out. Sunday evening, Mercury rolls over Venus, and the senses are immersed in pleasure. Our opinions are infused with a tactile understanding of what brings gratification and what makes that enjoyment last.

Friday night’s Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and heads into trine with Pluto – exact Saturday. Take off your work clothes and let your hair down. Luxuriate in the deep rapture of building sensual sparks. If it’s not happening in real life just yet, fantasize.

Saturday night, the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra moves from a square to Mars in Cancer into opposition with Chiron (overnight). You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not in order to get your needs met or desires petted. If you use the simply lovely effect of a balance minded mood, you can gently but firmly let yourself be known. It’s possible to do so in a way that’s not only refreshing but disarming. It’s tantalizing. It’s a dance.

Sunday morning, the Libra Moon trines Saturn. It then heads into orb of square to Pluto and trine to Jupiter (exact overnight). The mood keeps authenticity moving toward that end goal of being both lovely and real. Push past any feelings of shame that arise. Genuine expression of self is your right. Claiming that right can be complicated, but it leads to better outcomes down the road. Experience the emotions and examine where they come from, but let them go and look ahead.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Fresh Pleasures And Plans, Authentic Needs Met — 2 Comments

  1. As I write, my husband is filling in a ditch (he dug) after three of us (including our soon-to-be neighbor)pulls wires through a pipe to (eventually) ‘light up our world (electricity). “Luxuriate in the deep rapture of building sensual sparks. If it’s not happening in real life just yet, fantasize.” That’s the thing! Building this novel way of being for us is process, proceeding … not swiftly, but differently. Fantasizing comfortability, authentically:)

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