Weekend Love Forecast – Flexing On The T-Square

DylsThe Moon spends all weekend in Mercury-ruled Gemini till the very end when it hits Cancer and its own rulership on Sunday night. Before that happens, the Sun finishes in Taurus and shifts into Gemini, keeping the influence of Mercury and the importance of communication uppermost in our minds.

Mercury is direct and moving forward, without any pressing business via transit. Our values and plans for making money are also on our minds.

Venus in Cancer squares Chiron, so growth comes with a gut punch.

Mars is center stage. Its week-long t-square with Jupiter and Pluto is volcanic in the extreme, but its impact and reach shift with closer orb and planetary sign changes.

Friday night, the Gemini Moon squares Saturn, both in mutable signs. The mind races and is blocked. We need a mental stretch, but we’re contstrained. Take your time to put your words together correctly and don’t rush to judgement. When you slow down, you’re more likely to find a work-around.

Saturday morning, Mars moves to Leo and into the fire – where it wants to be. All three t-players are fixed in challenge, but now they’re well matched. Whatever began in chaos now has a shot at a fortunate outcome in the long run. The trouble is real, but the change is necessary and healthy.

All weekend, the Sun sextiles Mars and trines Pluto. If you’re going through hell, keep going. (Winston Churchill) Extreme challenges forge one hell of a path forward.

Saturday night, the Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron as Mars perfects its opposition to Pluto. The action is hot, but the mood is cool. We can take it, and we can make it work. Early Sunday, the Sun moves to Gemini.

Sunday morning, the Gemini Sun perfects its trine to Pluto and the Gemini Moon spends the better part of the day heading into square with Neptune. The way is powerful, intense, and rewarding; but the mood is uncertain and faith is hard to come by.

Later on, persistence pays off when the Moon moves to Cancer and a sextile to Jupiter, capitalizing on an evening burst of relief as the Sun sextiles Mars. We’re on our way and a wealth of satisfying opportunities is laid up ahead. Things may not be resolved now, but this past week’s new moon seeds are already planted and watered. Good beginnings are set.

Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Flexing On The T-Square — 7 Comments

  1. Visiting a historical castle tomorrow with my beloved. Very excited❤️Went to a concert last night seeing Janet Jackson (a Taurus sun like me) during the new moon in Taurus!
    It’s been a wonderful weekend so far.

  2. Hi
    New to all this but my boyfriend is a Taurus and reflects his starsign.
    We have had 13 dates since meeting 4 months ago. He shows affection and messages me each morning. Even treated me to a holiday. I’d love him to be more vocal in his affections and be official. How can I encourage this without pressuring him?

  3. “Venus in Cancer squares Chiron, so growth comes with a gut punch.”

    LOL, yes.
    This weekend forecast sure looks promising for the ay ahead in my life right now!

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