Weekend Love Forecast – Executing Expert Plans, Mercury-Mars In Virgo

venus marsFriday night, the Libra Moon trines Jupiter then gives way to a Scorpio Moon wending its way into sextile with Mercury in Virgo. In any case, the mood carries us into conversations either lively or meaningful, or both.

Polite patter creates an opportunity for movement on practical matters. It’s a great time to smooth the waters as the mood naturally floats the right words.

All weekend, Mercury moves closer to conjunction with Mars, both in Mercury-ruled Virgo. Venus nears the end of Virgo and holds a quincunx to Jupiter in airy Aquarius. The energy is perfect for getting things done as well as planning for getting things done.

The one hitch in the plan is the uneven desire/drive of the Venus-Jupiter connection. Timely breaks for something different or a cleansing conversation will bring that motivation back around. Otherwise, work and planning are pleasant!

Mars and Mercury in Virgo also illustrate a common aphorism: Many hands make light work. Or if it’s only YOUR hands, you can work like a house on fire alone. Fast is the order of the day (weekend). Fast mind, fast mouth, fast hands… and deft, intelligent, pro-social behaviors.

Saturday night, the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus. We’re down for pleasure and something different is just the thing. You may feel you need some of the same-old same-old, but that’s probably not going to occur without a twist. The mood can be spoiled with a refusal to accommodate, so make pleasure the goal. The end does justify the means here.

If possessiveness is an issue, it’s just the right mood to put a stick in the spokes of the status quo. Try tweaking one little thing and the whole picture changes.

Sunday morning, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune and squares the Leo Sun. In the evening, it goes on to sextile Pluto then Venus, and square Jupiter. What’s your motivation? This sequence of moods runs the gamut from A to Z but also stays in its lane. What’s your lane? It’s a chance to see where we in are subtle relief against an ideal, where we appear to be headed, and the forces that move us.

Sunday night, the Moon moves to Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, then Venus sweeps into Libra and into its own rulership. This is a distinct mood to GO and a desire to GO GET… all while looking the part and starting something promising. Starting what? Something lovely, with legs.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Executing Expert Plans, Mercury-Mars In Virgo — 3 Comments

  1. Going to market with close to 90
    Bouquets, going to make mini cupcakes for grandson 17 today!
    Going to work hopefully by 2 till 10-11
    Tomorrow solo in ice cream shop 10-10
    Monday off, melting hot here
    Still hoping Mr. Wonderful exists
    With cool calm eyes

    • The letters and numbers
      Add up here. Them flowers
      Handed off, scent to cent
      90 ought to due you.
      Grandmother cakes all
      Baked too, for a boy-man
      Chew, chew, chew
      There in that tub of
      Blueberry, Vanilla, is
      There a Rainbow Sherbert
      For sure as shoot with
      All that melting heat
      Something, someone wonderful
      will rise to cool you off.
      xo Feel that Raerae xo

  2. Only two hands do doin the octopus hustle. Sharing veggies with some folks that are salad nuts, and finishing up shed org. And time for a bonfire before gettin goin on invasives removal. At the moment roasting veggies for salsa. Chips and salsa by the fire? Could happen. Octopus just keeps flapping her arms multitasking. Who knows. Go till my juice runs out and dreaming of the long winter’s nap.

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