Weekend Love Forecast – Entrenched Values In Flux

handsAs Venus heads retorgrade back through Mercury ruled Gemini, it heads back into trine with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus rules Aquarius, and it currently transits the Venus ruled sign of Taurus.

At the beginning of April, Venus trined Saturn with both planets direct. This time around they won’t perfect their trine, but the influence recalls that first meeting in air. Values were seated in an intellectual capacity that made sense at the time. Now… we can see there’s been drift. Those castles in the air landed somewhere else entirely.

The shifting of values has an emotional rather than tactile/tactical flavor.

At the beginning of April, Venus trined an airy Mars. Now it moves back to square a watery Mars. Going after what we want is challenged and confusing. How we do it is different and unsettled, but what we want not straightforward either.

Mercury rules our retrograde collective Venus and Mercury is now in moody, parental Cancer. These are our home truths we’re feeling when we’re processing current events.

With Venus in aspect to Saturn, we’re working hard on our values. Venus square Mars is a fight, but it can be inspirational, aspirational, and divinely guided. The fight can be metaphorical as well as physical.

All weekend, Venus moves back into sextile with Chiron in Aries. We can grasp the path to authentic growth as well as learning/teaching. It’s hard to drop a mask now, but it’s worthwhile to do so. You can’t heal a mask. You have to bring your whole self to the table to make real progress.

Mercury in Cancer moves into trine with Pisces Mars as Mars closes a conjunction with Neptune. In another week, Mars moves over Neptune. A week after that, Mercury stations and heads away from aspects to the Pisces planets. We’re flying a bit blind now, or perhaps in Pisces it’s swimming – through a swamp. But good faith and a good hearted attitude go a long way toward creating a miracle.

Keep walking in your higher ideals and we can draw some different conclusions soon. We get a chance to collectively rethink in the near future. We’re between eclipses like a cocooned caterpillar.

Friday night, the Sadge Moon is still full but past exact. It squares Neptune. An open heart may be inspired.

Saturday night, the Capricorn Moon is dispirited but leaning toward positive change. Take heart, an earthy heart can be filled and put to use. We’re getting somewhere and a Cap Moon mood perseveres. Working at something feels good.

Sunday morning, the Moon trines Uranus and squares Chiron. Push through the inertia and surprise yourself with your ability to improve… satisfaction follows. The Moon opposes Mercury then moves into sextile to Mars and Neptune. It quincunxes Venus then the Sun. This is pacing. Get a feel for the speed you can travel. While observing how others are doing is helpful to this process, don’t confuse matters by comparing your own experience to theirs. Triangulate rather than compete. Set your own pace based on your own internal compass.

What have you experienced with the full moon eclipse? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Entrenched Values In Flux — 7 Comments

  1. “It’s hard to drop a mask now, but it’s worthwhile to do so. You can’t heal a mask. You have to bring your whole self to the table to make real progress.” This is the script in my real-life. No editing required. I have just sewn a new mask from an old pillow case made with fabric that is tolerable and effective for a loved one in a fit that could allow ease of breath. In the sewing the metaphor is made physical. Entrenched values in flux, precisely. I can’t heal a mask but then there’s the me. In service, my shoulders drop. Wheww. A weight lifts. Wheww.

  2. All I have really been experiencing is that something has ended, something has changed. My life is not that much different now than before all the outer pressure manifested en masse “out there”. But something feels different. I ocassionally envision one of those film shots where the scene on the screen slowly collapses into a circle which then closes and there is the next screen. It seems like another dimension, the old one shutting down. I have touched on values as well, maybe that is what is different. What I really value is more in focus. I like your ‘walking in your higher ideals’ as pisces rules the feet. It’s a foot march going on out there.

    • I feel it; something has changed. The fear and rage are turning into resolve. We thought Civil Rights in the 60s had changed racism but it just went underground. Now we enter Phase ll.

      • It’s interesting that it’s just not black people marching, but all races and denominations of young people marching together. The 60s power to the people movement was started with the black marches that spread to American Indian marches, women’s marches, and gay marches. Everybody marching together on this one.

  3. Let’s see, for me it was all about shattered glass. From a 48″ round table top piece of glass completely shattered, to a crystal hand doing the “hang loose” gesture I used during my ritual which fell off the tray as I was carrying it inside and broke, earlier it had fallen off the tray as I took my moon altar outside and did not break…. the broken glass is irrevocable and I think is speaking to an awakening and an ending of whatever my “old”life was and not just me but for everyone. Still contemplating the the crystal hand…

    • Where’s uranus in your chart. I had a frightening period when uranus transited my natal mars where glass was breaking all around me. I would be in a restaurant, remember going to a restaraunt, and the waiter would drop a tray of glass. More than once. I would get something from the fridge and the jar would just shatter. Window panes cracked. I was in the midst of something and glad when it was over.

      • Oh yeah, that was the time period when I could actually hear the electricity travelling through the wiring in the walls. Freaky.

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