Weekend Love Forecast – End of Summer, End of the Zodiac

pisces two fishThe Sun heads through the last degrees of Virgo this weekend, ahead of the full moon at 28 degrees Pisces Monday, and Wednesday’s ingress to Libra. Virgo ruler Mercury is already ahead in Libra, already in its retrograde shadow.

Mercury in Libra moves to trine Jupiter and square Pluto. Sights, sounds, details, and plans POP and grind ahead of the full moon and the solstice, ahead of this next retro period.

News is news and all info is good to know. It’s what we do with it that makes it matter. Mars in Libra benefits from Mercury in Libra as we weigh our possibilities for action. Mars heads into trine with Saturn, air to air. Judicious action is favored and likely. Getting it right is more important than doing it quickly, so pay attention. There is a LOT to take in. Listen at least as much as you talk. The power (as well as the benefit) comes from the listening. Then the talking seals the deal… eventually.

Friday night, the Aquarius Moon trines Mercury and heads into conjunction with Jupiter, exact overnight. Both Jupiter and the Moon push into quincunx with the Virgo Sun. What are you thinking these days? What are you feeling about what has happened over the summer? We’re wrapping this up, but satisfaction and feeling some meaning in life relate back to our perspective on what matters. Not just what we’ve done, but how we’re doing with that overall in theory as well as in practice.

It’s a chance to pull way out to interpret the vastness of the field, then drop back in to sitting with the minutia. Perspective. We’re looking for big story/small story perspective. Gauge this by how you FEEL about it. It’s a moment for mental traction. Priorities matter. Do they jibe with your values? With collective values?

Saturday night, the Moon hits the first degree of Pisces, quincunxes Mars, then floats along unimpeded. It heads toward its next aspect, a trine to Venus in Scorpio, on momentum from that airy push. Lots of social stimulus is likely. However you find yourself feeling Saturday night, make sure you push off in the right direction. Use that airy Libra Mercury for some puffy sweet self talk. Start off on the right side of things and the mood is deeply delightful and delicious.

If things don’t start off right, we might find ourselves drifting into the weeds. However, it’s possible to use your mind to lever your way out, soothe or sweet talk. Or possibly negotiate!

Sunday morning, the Pisces Moon trines Venus, and the collective mood is receptive to transformation. As the day goes on, that mood flows into fullness as it heads toward an evening sextile to Uranus in Taurus. The collective mood presents readiness for beneficial change. An opportunity may present itself out of the blue OR one that is surprising in some way. It may also be that you see something you’re used to but in a brand new context. It’s also possible we’re surprised by a sweet moment outside time. Spiritual epiphanies are possible… with tangible rewards.

As we approach the full moon, Neptune magic coalesces, draws down power silently. If you get in tune, you can move with that magic as it envelopes the scene. Listen, watch, feel, and absorb.

The Pisces full moon is exact Monday night at 28 degrees. Where does that hit your chart? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – End of Summer, End of the Zodiac — 3 Comments

  1. Full moon last degrees of houses 4 and 10. Canning up veggies so I can get to apples. Lots of wrapping up before fall repairs. That’s the plan anyway. Usually shoot high and then am happy with whatever I get done.

    You are ringing some bells for me. It is austere so I feel a little silly saying it. Like the little big, what is wafting in to me is that every thing is part of something bigger. But like I said, it’s airy wafty. In that is also a wafty airy thing about the importance of foundation in that. That could be the mars Saturn effect. I am sorta kinda wafty airy thinking I am laying the foundation for my future on some level. My dad was not a builder by profession but he loved doing it. He always checked out the foundation of a building first. And always said, if you have a good roof, a building can last a long time. Like I said it’s all airy wafty.

    Well, dishes are washed. Counters are clean. Time to make a mess again. More yummies to can.

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