Weekend Love Forecast – End Of Libra, Mercury Into Scorpio

wickedMars is in early Scorpio and Mercury is at the end of Libra squaring Pluto. I mean, you know you’re supposed to be nice, but that’s not the vibe. The vibe is “UGH. If I HAVE TO.” And that can result in a freak out. Probably not murder or anything, but keep that volatility in mind.

Mercury square Pluto in general can mean dark or jarring thoughts or news as well, volcanic news or sensations. Maybe don’t eat at Taco Bell tonight.

The end of sign Libra Sun actively squares Pluto as well, exact Saturday morning. An ego-fueled struggle for control can erupt with a battle of words with Mercury in the mix.

Friday night’s mood, tho, starts out in an ideal grand earth trine: Capricorn Moon, Virgo Venus, and retro Taurus Jupiter. Grounded, pleasurable, and internally mirthful, the effect on the mood is bliss within reason. Overnight, it mixes up in a t-square with the Pallas Athena – retro Chiron opposition, but even that reflects the ability to learn and grow from and through adversity. Stay thoughtful, patient.

Saturday night, Venus perfects its trine to retro Jupiter, and the Capricorn Moon highlights the retro Neptune-Pluto sextile. Want BIG things and dream powerfully. That’s a combo that always tastes sweet. It also compels satisfying action as Mars picks up an opposition to retro Jupiter.

The Cap Moon goes on to square the Sun and Mercury, both at the end of Libra, with Mercury making its move into Scorpio an hour later. A solid, targeted mood is challenged with limitations, obligations, and tepid excuses. Once Mercury moves to Scorpio to join Mars, the Moon moves to Aquarius; and it’s a whole new ball game. Thinking becomes strategic and the mood no longer minds the challenge. It’s exciting!

Sunday, Mercury in Scorpio trines retro Saturn in Neptune and we’ve got a rare shot at ferreting out what’s real and what’s not in this recent morass of shifting reality. In addition, it plays right into our hands, into our planning. We might get a chance to flow in the same channel as reality and make some solid decisions as we go. Pay attention, because it doesn’t last for long.

Sunday’s Aquarius Moon spends the day moving through a wide t-square with Mars and retro Jupiter. We’re in between eclipses. Now is the time to experiment with what you’ve started and to see how it’s unfolding. See how it’s doing, and what it might mean.

The mood allows enough distance to truly stand free of influence-shaping indoctrination. And that’s a good thing. Let it be what it is, and observe. Nothing works like seeing something play out in front of you and tweaking your own paradigm as you go.

Do you have any weekend plans? Is your new game strong yet?


Weekend Love Forecast – End Of Libra, Mercury Into Scorpio — 8 Comments

  1. Yes. My son is checking out of the Marines. He has other plans and I am truly relieved. Other mothers and families with our troops heading over won’t be so carefree.

  2. It’s my solar return and I am in the Middle East. So far watching the war unfold and getting closer each second. May the Lord have mercy๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  3. Hi there, I’m a bit confused about which weekend you’re writing about. You’re posting on Friday, Oct. 20, is this post for the weekend we’re in or next weekend, Oct. 28-29? I’m hosting a metaphysical fair in my community next weekend. I *think* that’s the weekend you’re talking about, right?

  4. โ€œIs your new game strong yet?โ€ It is a new game being tested one all fronts. The old game has tendrils that I need to consciously acknowledge, but not too long! The seduction. Iโ€™m loving the daily star readings. They feed my spirits and yes was a big wonderful dream I lived last night.
    Iโ€™m coloring and old favorite drawing with new tints as I find my way through the new pathways. It is a powerful act of strengthening the new game.
    ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ˜˜ Thank you Satori

  5. As I lay down to sleep Saturday, my brain caught a thought…. about some money in one bank might needed to be transferred to another, bigger bank more financially solvent.

    As it wasn’t my money or bank, it was pretty difficult to explain it to the person whose money it was about, but he listened and explained the safety measures he had taken when placing the money here in the first place.

    It was revealed that the amount of money wasn’t as big as I had thought in the first place. Thank god.

    So I said “Transfer what you can’t stand to lose, and don’t let my words be the deciding factor (even if I heard “On Tuesday it’s too late” in my inner ear).

    I have a bit of nerves in regards to this eclipse on Saturday. It’s a money/financial eclipse, and the last one in the Scorpio/Taurus axis.
    I think it might be something in regards to money stuff.

    In 2018 I had a massive neon sign for my inner eye stating “From 2020, innovate or die” …I thought itwas very base level, I mean… you gotta innovate to survive, right?
    ….And then 2020 hit and we all know what happened then, right?!

    I feel my Scorpio Spidey senses is going all tingly in regards to the upcoming Eclipse on Saturday….

    Pluto needs to finish his Capricorn work, so I think there will be some crash-boom-bang. The trouble is, I know nothing else. Only that my nerves are tingly in regards to this stuff. It’s kinda annoying and you also feel kinda like a lunatic saying all this aloud. I have been through several psychological assessment the past 2 years, so I know what I am and also what I am NOT dealing with, and none of this is a mental “condition” which makes the whole thing even more weird….

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