Weekend Love Forecast – Deliciously Deep, Pleasantly Surprised, Shock and Ahhhh

princessesWe are in the last few days of Chiron in Pisces. Late Sunday – early Monday, Chiron shifts to Aries and onto the Aries point, the beginning of the zodiac and a power degree. This weekend is an opportunity to check in with how well each of us has integrated and healed our connection to the divine and our place in the whole, in nature, across all boundaries.

We’ve been finding our connection, but soon we will take a look at who we are individually. It is necessary to feel a place in the whole before one can explore what that part means as a discrete piece. Aquarius was about finding and navigating our tribe as a path to wellness. Pisces brought us closer to seeing “tribe” everywhere (or not – it depends on where you are with it). Soon we will find the Aries Chiron path of individuating in order to extract the best of our singular abilities to help and heal. It also means a search for authentic self.

But now, savor the health of the hurts that have healed. Find where you’re stronger for having let go. You’ve stopped hurting yourself somewhere, stopped getting in your own way, and learned to use that lesson for your own good and the betterment of ALL. When we allow ourselves to be good enough, we allow everyone the same – and everything is better for it. Marinate in that for a bit this weekend.

Early Sunday, Venus sextiles Neptune. Early Monday, Venus conjoins Saturn exactly, just after Chiron hits Aries. We can really do a number on ourselves in a good way here. How much of what you want is due to some unattainable goal that can never be reached? Once attained and engulfed, a goody is rendered less attractive. We’re actively moving through a process now that allows us to change that forever.

For so long we’ve been harped on to be grateful. Be GRATEFUL sounds like something someone yells at you before they slap you. Try appreciating. Appreciate things and you can turn them loose or bank them, and either way their purpose is served beautifully and never lost. Imagine that: Venus-Saturn that is not about too little or not enough. It can be the appreciation you keep forever because it’s banked in the ethers for you. You don’t have to cart around the finite stuff. Look for the opportunity to jedi wave your own desire nature into “submission”. I don’t know that submission is the word. It’s a way of being permanently satisfied – but it’s intangible at the same time.

We’re learning to find genuine, REAL, and attainable value in the process rather than the tangible prize.

Tired of being lonely? Your tribe is always with you. The Sun sextiles Uranus with Chiron on their midpoint. We will be finding our way clear to strike out on our own and find out who we are. But NOW, we’re finding permission and ability to bring everyone and everything with us on that solitary quest. To paraphrase a credit card ad – when we add in Venus-Saturn-Neptune- “Who’s in your wallet?” You take the whole world with you.

Through the end of February, we have Pisces Mercury chasing a sextile to Capricorn Venus. We’ve got weeks of opportunity to add all that into our consciousness and planning through our senses and communications.

Friday night, the Cancer Moon trines Mercury in Pisces. There’s plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the flow of emerging delights with an ease of emotional resonance. Satisfaction always comes from inside, but it’s a beautiful illusion when we find it from the outside in. Enjoy that luminous luxury as it heads into opposition to Venus and Saturn by early morning. Hints of permanence are possible.

Saturday night, the Moon opposes Pluto and quincunxes Jupiter. The Moon goes on to cross its north node overnight. It you find someone or something takes you out of your depth, dive down deeper or swim away HARD AND FAST. You’ll find you have exactly enough fuel and PUSH to do so, whatever’s necessary. FOllow satisfaction. It leads brilliantly. Hearts leap. Don’t fear the depth. It’s good.

Sometimes an uncomfortable depth is just what we need to push off and UP… up and OUT. Do what is right for you. Saturn rules the current Venus and Venus rules the current Taurus Mars. Do what’s right and do it in your own time. No one pushes you. You push your own buttons.

Early Sunday, the Cancer Moon quincunxes the Sun, squares Uranus and trines Chiron. Stay in the flow even when things are changing. Assume they’re changing for the better, even if it doesn’t feel that way in that moment. “We are where we should be…”

The Moon moves to Leo and Sun rule. It squares Taurus Mars. What I just said about early Sunday: SAME. Just adjust for a differing vantage point. You’ll know it when you feel it.

Everything is changing, but the changes are rarely what we expect. Expect big scenes and you will likely see little above the horizon. Your best bet is to plan to be pleasantly surprised… but you won’t know when. Relax. You’ve got this.

The Cancer Moon is sweet and soft trine Neptune. What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Deliciously Deep, Pleasantly Surprised, Shock and Ahhhh — 8 Comments

  1. Weekend plans? Keep shoveling and shoveling and shoveling, in small increments so as not to give myself a heart attack. I’m no spring chicken no more and the old ticker is very good at reminding me. Gave me a fearful fright last weekend as a matter of fact.

  2. Hi, With your focus on the Chiron ingress to Aries, I thought those with early Aries Sun placements might like a comment (not me) and perhaps early Sun Librans.

    No snow here in Florida !

  3. I didnt know where to put this, but I keep mulling this over. As I go through my Moon Saturn transit, my comedy tastes have changed and I’m fascinated with Pete Holmes, I can’t get enough of him but I also kind of hate him. He’s aggressively Piscean (Mercury/Mars in Pisces trine Uranus and square Neptune). There’s something about Pisceans (or maybe people with Fire and Pisces..he has an Aries sun) that makes me sad and uncomfortable as another fairly watery person.. something different. I think Pisceans have a very wide vision, which can make people look a little unspecial. Like we’re all just a bunch of schmoes on a rotating marble among infinite universes and why can’t we all just be nice? “It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.” Or, embrace guilty pleasures? Also they are morbid cause they are very aware of human fragility, Which is something many of us protect ourselves from. One of my closest friends is like this and sometimes we get to an impasse when we talk about these things. Pete also believes people crave mystical divine connection that’s why we do yoga and stuff. I do yoga
    because the present moment is a fragile place!

  4. I guess I’m more of a “though my problems are meaningless that don’t make them go away” kind of person rather than vice versa.. though meditation helps me a little dive into the present moment. I have some kind of doomed obsession with specialness and being different (Sun/Chiron in the 5th square Jupiter opposing Uranus I guess…) Without that cover, I’m just some girl who’s not worth some type of attention and doesn’t work hard enough to distinguish herself in other things. idk.. niceness isnt the most important value. Yet, my pluto transit does send me deeper into the idea of connection and what is preventing me from connecting well (many social issues.)

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