Weekend Love Forecast – Delicious Taurus Season With A Side of Venus-Juno

stallion landscapeFriday night, the Scorpio Moon moves into quincunx to Mars and trine to Neptune but doesn’t close the aspects exactly till Saturday. It highlights the applying square of Mars to Neptune (all week) and aids in smoothing the mood when the action falls short of the ideal.

The best laid plans “gang aft agley”. But if you expect that, it can be a satisfying time to find the humor in the situation, or to appreciate what DID go well: Ugly cakes still taste divine. Consider that a metaphor; we are talking Scorpio here.

Also Friday, the sign ruler of Gemini Mars is Mercury, newly in Aries, in exact conjunction to Chiron. Don’t sweat the details that don’t fit the dream. Skip embarrassment and have a laugh instead. Jump to the part where you learn. Take a page from the Aries book and laugh at yourself first. Aries knows everyone makes mistakes, and they laugh and move on. Make them quick and adjust your attitude even faster. Keep it fun and active! And targeted.

Friday night has a lot of sharp corners and rough hitches, but none of them are killer. The receding full moon energy might make it seem so, but do that awesome Aries thing on it. Have a laugh and get on to something else. It’s one of the best pick-up/bonding strategies EVER.

The end of sign Aries Sun sextiles Juno, and Juno squares Venus. Quick and decisive action sparks desire. Dithering will cause… uh, withering. Get on with it!

Saturday, the Moon closes its trine to Neptune then goes on to sextile Saturn and Pluto. The mood is deep but stable and slippery-good. The Sun, Venus, and Juno all change sign while holding that same aspect pattern. Taurus Sun semi-sextiles Taurus ruler Venus (in Aries), and both aspect Juno in Cancer.

Don’t back away from a challenge. Relationships without challenge fade away in boredom. The Sun approaching Uranus holds no truck with boredom. It just won’t gel. The trick is in deciding how much challenge is necessary for health, and how much persistence is wise (or stalking).

How do you work that out? The mood takes us in deep, and Aries Mercury brings simple talk. Talk it out, but keep it pithy and effective. Don’t bore and belabor. But don’t wound anyone either. If you do, learn from it and do better.

Anyone who can’t hang with that probably isn’t for you, however you do that (your Mercury will compound or diminish this effect).

Sun-Venus-Juno continues through the weekend. Look for ways to turn challenge into committed passion. There’s an opportunity to lock in intrigue without sacrificing stability – it actually enhances stability.

Sunday morning the Moon finishes up in Scorpio then moves along to Sagittarius. The Sadge Moon trines Venus and forms the point of a yod with the Sun and Juno. The mood is lighter and dynamic, but it also can include an urge to BOLT. Don’t worry if someone bolts on you. If it felt good, they’ll be back (though not on a schedule). And if it didn’t feel good, what are you doing with them anyway?

The Moon goes on to trine Chiron and Mercury. It’s easy to communicate what you’ve learned and where you want to go, but it’s more fun to just GO. You can do both.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Delicious Taurus Season With A Side of Venus-Juno — 9 Comments

  1. That pic? It was the view from my desk. Now the horses are gone and there’s a big-ass, ugly house there (with four garages). They block my view and leave their coach lights on 24-7.

    I do not like that house.

  2. Years ago we bought a house that backed to a beautiful field where a man kept a couple of horses. It was in Illinois, so the land was flat and I felt I could see forever when I looked out my kitchen windows. The owner didn’t mind if my children rubbed the horses’ noses or gave them a carrot once a day. I lived there for four years and then some congregation bought the land and built a mega church. And put in several parking lots. I had attended the zoning meetings and, with my neighbors, had gotten a promise of a tree-lined berm to protect our views and soften the noise.

    They did not honor their promise and I moved.

  3. I’ll be hosting Easter dinner for my family at my home tomorrow. I’ve been fussing around my house preparing for Sunday. The transiting aspects support a happy, lively day: Tr Venus in my 2H oppose my natal Libra Sun/ asteroid Hathor (beauty)/ asteroid Photographica (photography); Tr Jupiter squaring natal Virgo Mercury and natal Virgo Venus. Sun in 3H Taurus – family traditions and lots of conversation.

  4. It will be interesting to see if T.Juno’s tour of Cancer for the next 2 months will lead to a rise in the number of people getting engaged and/or married. Especially with T.North Node also in Cancer. Smells like wedding season to me!?

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