Weekend Love Forecast – Decisions In FLUX

bookcaseI’ll bet you’ve heard the maxim “never say never”. This weekend and into next week, we’re likely to see some examples of why.

With Mercury just past conjunction with Mars in Scorpio, just past square to Saturn, we’ve seen, heard, experienced traveling with the brakes on. We’ve been pulled up short to assess the plan, the attitudes, the perspective of what we’re considering or what we’ve already started work on.

Saturday morning, Mercury opposes Uranus. Then Mars takes its turn in the hot seat. Fickle fate can seem to have a hand in a disjointed approach to moving forward. But what if it’s less being fickle and more giving us a chance to adjust for the better?

Plans of action don’t always age well. Sometimes there’s a better way. With Venus in Capricorn now, we want something that is going to bring value over time, into the future with Uranus in Venus ruled Taurus. And hold that value.

What we desire holds so much sway over what we attempt to get and do. While it’s folly to try to change your genuine desires, sometimes they do change. Sometimes we grow; we learn something that naturally morphs our interests and preferences. This is such a time.

Friday night, the Pisces Moon is a malleable mood. It trines Mars and sextiles Uranus. Allow yourself to feel deeply into the musing that sits at the edge of your consciousness. Moving your body can help get into that mindset.

Saturday night, the Pisces Moon moves past conjunction to sign ruler Neptune and into trine with the Scorpio Sun and sextile to Pluto. Capricorn Venus grabs a quick evening semi-sextile (30 degrees) to its sign ruler Saturn. Our desires grab traction and the mood facilitates deep and powerful insight for change.

All weekend, Venus heads into square with Chiron. That discomfort may be growing pains. Be true to yourself and listen to your own wisdom: Do you actually still want what you think you want? What you’ve wanted for a long time now? You may wish to consider some changes or amendments.

Sunday morning, the Moon finishes up in Pisces, and it’s a nice little moment of vulnerability that helps us get back in tune with our ability to connect to self and others. In the afternoon, the Moon heads into active Aries.

At the end of Pisces, the Moon squares Juno at the end of Sagittarius, both mutable, and there’s a jarring feeling over something ingrained in our experience. It might not feel as “meant to be” as it once did. Once the mood individuates in Aries, Juno changes sign as well – heading into Capricorn, both cardinal. Ready to facilitate a foundational new start. To what? A commitment to something solid, something that starts a new cycle of tangible growth in your life.

The Aries Moon goes on to sextile Saturn for a chance to ground and get more traction in the mood. It’s bracing! By nighttime, the Moon squares Venus. Then Venus squares Chiron just as the Moon heads into conjunction with Chiron. It’s all very tight, exact overnight. It’s exactly what we need to lever us out of an attachment that no longer serves.

That could be something outright damaging, or it could just be that there’s something better and brighter we’re off to collide with and make our own.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Decisions In FLUX — 2 Comments

  1. We are moving into our Quonset Hut, newly dubbed “The Duck Blind” in honor or my birthday duck lamp that lights up the joint! Built over a pond, like many good duck blinds are, we’re NOT out to hunt the beautiful winged ones, but like your view: ” Ready to facilitate a foundational new start. To what? A commitment to something solid, something that starts a new cycle of tangible growth in your life.” The water is rising from the ground up, and sky down. We’re not new to adjustments like these but this is our first winter here. Committing to something solid while living on a pond? For two old ducks I’d love to believe this is the start of a new tangible cycle of growth. Grandparent style:)

  2. Wandering around the property doing stuff. I usually decide what needs doing and then wander around getting it done. We are surging here again so I am still isolated except for communication by phone. It’s good and it’s bad. Am just getting it pulled together on home front yet for now. Making use of the time being gifted me. I have snow cover this am. It will melt so I can finish up woodlot invasive removal before gun hunting season starts. Received my first picture of a dead deer yesterday. Bow hunting. I know hunters. We share a respect for natural habitat. I don’t hunt either, but they do know a lot about animal behavior. Heard an NPR piece on nostalgia and the marketing of it because people look to earlier times when the current times are stressful. They were talking Happy Days. Mine would be That 70s Show. Then I heard Jackson Brown on ACL last night and had to weep for kinder gentler times before all the guns and shootings. That is really the challenge I face. It hard for me to stomach the yuck going on. I realize a lot of people like all that ‘excitement’ but it’s just not for me. So yeah, all that going on with me this weekend and it’s only Sunday morning. Guess I’ll wander around some more doin stuff and then check in on a couple of people.

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