Weekend Love Forecast – Days Of Whine And Roses

still lifeThe Sun has opposed Saturn. The Moon has passed over Neptune as Neptune stationed retrograde in aspect to direct, slow-moving Jupiter. The stage is set. For what?

Over the weekend, Taurus Venus (ideal) travels along in waning sextile to Cancer Mars (stabby) as both make their way into strong, dynamic aspect with Neptune and Jupiter. And with Pluto, eventually.

Mercury picks up some speed and moves into opposition with Saturn, chasing a conjunction to the Sun. That Sun-Saturn aspect is still warm (or chilling) and Mercury comes along to interpret in the aftermath. A thing happened, perhaps a series of things. Now we see, hear, taste, smell, understand, and communicate about what that meant, what is means, what it will become… perhaps.

Neptune sextiles Juno in Capricorn, both retrograde. Venus moves into trine with Juno, and Mars will eventually oppose in the coming week. With a changing mind, a changing approach to what we’ve settled on, are we even sure where those agreements stand?

Expect people to waver a bit, but they may not be ready to talk about it. Let’s put it this way; they’ll be communicating something, one way or another, but it may not be clear. AND, it may not be in anyone’s best interest to press for clarity. Even when people are supposedly very sure about things, that could just be their attitude about how they WISH things to be.

The Sun and Mercury moving together through the end of Gemini is a wealth of detail. It’s okay to try some of those attitudes on and see how they taste/smell/look/shake down. If pushed to commit, things can go sideways. That’s not ominous, that’s a fact. A changeable fact. Assume people mean well and are doing their best. They likely are. Some people ARE ready to commit, but let that shake down in time.

By Sunday, Venus tightly sextiles Neptune as both quincunx Jupiter – and Aries Moon splits them with its flaming arrow. The Aries Moon squares Mars. Feel your burning desires. Feel what you want to do, the way you want to frame your life. Just don’t jump off a cliff in that moment.

Desire deepens, commitments are fuzzy. A lot of talk and action can bring up great emotional attachment issues. Better than anything right now is the exploration of the mind and senses. The Sun and Mercury sextile Uranus, setting the mind and sense of purpose on fire. It’s YOU. What can YOU think up? How will that fit in with the rest – to be a PART OF, rather than to appease… and still retain your own flavor?

Friday night the Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto and squares Sun-Mercury-Saturn. Don’t get too attached to the details of the hubbub. Don’t let it spin you up. Deepen your connection to what feels transformative about what’s going on. Tune in to the bits where you feel commonality rather than difference. Let those bits set your mood.

Saturday night the Aries Moon moves into square with ruler Mars, and Mars taps into delicious Taurus Venus. Friction makes movement delightful. Whatever is rubbing you the wrong way? Slip around its corner and give it a tickle. You might be surprised by the reaction – and rubbing in a good way.

By Sunday morning the Aries Moon opposes Jupiter, setting off that yod with Venus-Neptune. There’s something here to appreciate and enjoy, regardless of whether it is lasting or actionable. Actively open your heart to the vast possibilities. That nebulous, heart-centered action is lasting in its own way, though intangible. Set your sights on how good you wish to feel and press that into existence. Believing, with your whole heart, is seeing.

We have sweet Venus-Neptune desire, strong Mars-Venus delights, impending Venus-Pluto raunch, and the catalyst of inflationary whimsy with Jupiter and Uranus. Keep thinking/talking/sensing and stop to smell all the roses. They’re ephemeral. Whether you pick them or leave them on the bush, they die eventually. Appreciate them NOW. Leave the rest for another day.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Days Of Whine And Roses — 4 Comments

  1. My last leg of my vacation 🙂

    Friday night, will be my last hurrah, dinner. Saturday swimming. Sunday leaving to get back to reality. 🙁

    But opening my heart to possibilities is what I need to do. Just got told on Thursday/Friday I need to get my job application organized for a promotion. So ….. Umm… Yeah. I know I can get it. Just need to open myself to it.

  2. Planting planting planting: have tall blue salvia divine lacy lavander decided to lace the wall beneath them with burning red and brick colored geraniums( a client)my sea of passion so deep

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