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dylanThis weekend, the summer Sun in Cancer heads into sextile with Uranus and quinunx to Saturn, juicing up our interaction with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. Oh no, you say – oh yes, I say.

The silver lining, however, exists in the ability to connect personally to that collective stress induction machine and see what unexpected goodies are a byproduct of all that pressure.

The Sun also heads into square with Chiron in Aries. This sparks up the ongoing theme of authenticity but this time in regard to ego attachment. We can become attached at a core level to who we have been raised to be. That’s not always who we are at the barest bones level. How we act and how that makes us feel (are you satisfied?) is the best indicator of integrity.

No one is wholly divorced from this sort of thing. It’s no failing. Just be ready to listen to your gut and course correct. Neural pathways get stronger the longer we use them. Lean into the new ones that feel more like you now. The old/strong ones that don’t serve us will wither and fade away if we don’t need/use them.

Venus in Leo heads into orb of trine with Chiron. Creativity is one easy route to sussing out our genuine values. Trying new things lights up new associations in our brain. Are they enlivening?

As Venus moves closer to conjunction with Mars, Mars squares Uranus. Mars has just passed exact aspects to Saturn and Chiron but still holds the tension via Venus and Uranus. It gives us a chance to shine a light into the workings, see what’s right – see what’s wrong, and give the guts a good twist fix while we’re still in motion.

That sounds promising but possibly a bit wilting too. Still, it should be pleasurable when we center the action on tuning up our values to match our authentic goals and ego attachments.

The mood via the Moon is right smack in there for added drama and satisfaction.

Friday night, the late Aries Moon squares Pluto. Oh my, does that scorch. But it also adds drive to get real and the power to do it.

Saturday night, the Taurus Moon moves from a sextile to Jupiter into square with Venus and the fixed t-square. Dynamic ::cough::. The feeling is building but doesn’t culminate till Sunday. Given other indicators, I’d expect to find some fun in the meantime.

Building drama is a physical rush. You can resonate with the trouble of it all, or you can extend yourself into the newness of budding, authentic self delight.

Taurus needs pleasure. It’s hard to take things slow with Uranus in the sign. The Sun in Cancer fills all those unexpected fissures in the mood. Be you… what fills you up? The same old you is not the same old you anymore. You’re not yet what you will be, and yet you already are that – or it wouldn’t be you. Turn on the current and see what lights up.

Sunday the Taurus Moon moves through a sextile to the Sun and past the fixed t-square. At that point it heads into trine with Pluto and sextile to Neptune. Ride that electric wave through all the elements and wind up grounded in integrity and dreaming of love.

How are you faring under this sky? Do you have any weekend plans?

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  1. I’m doin good. Saturn Uranus transits are always weird time warps for the collective I find. Just get on with it already. Why live in the past. While a bit guarded saturnally, I think I am more uranian at heart. Haha. Natal Uranus in Leo. And with Venus and Mars transiting Leo, my heart’s on fire. Finding all kinds of new things in my own backyard. And solutions for my physical environment aplenty. Great summer so far.

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