Weekend Love Forecast – Capricorn Venus Sextile Mars In Scorpio: Juicy

Mercury in Scorpio is moving forward but is not yet out of its retrograde shadow. Friday night, Mercury sextiles Saturn. By Saturday it begins a sextile to Pluto.

Ability for solid planning returns as details turn up at precisely the right time. It’s more than ideas and lists. This influence heralds a new level of understanding, prompting the eruption of next level thinking.

Our senses are keen, knitting connections in our own depth psychology. We make mental moves toward the evolution of how we evaluate and apply what we perceive and what we can make of it. Find like minds and engage in productive conversation. Nothing shallow please! That would be such a waste.

All weekend, Venus in Capricorn moves into sextile with Mars in Scorpio. Mercury’s moves provide the plans. Venus and Mars spot the target and enable the action. We can discern solid value, craft a wicked wily plan, and execute it with devilish flair and sharp, powerful action.

It’s not a time to go after multiple targets. This is the time to whittle down your list and go after the solid best prize. Planning is the thing this weekend. If you get a chance to take a shot, do it; but make sure your aim is not rushed. This whole exercise favors discernment. Genuinely reflect on what you want, because you just might have a shot to get it.

Friday night, the Capricorn Moon conjoins Pluto for a stable tour of the depths of feeling. Whatever emotional state you inhabit, you’ll find it powerfully enhanced. It’s not the time to watch something scary, violent, or sad unless you really want to “go there”. It IS the time to pour on the animal magnetism as Pluto rules Scorpio Mars.

Saturday night, the Moon moves to Aquarius and aspects to Chiron and Uranus. Aquarius Moon sextile Chiron in Aries favors following your personal whims into a more global arena. What are you really about? It’s satisfying to identify the parts of yourself you’ve put on the backburner and try them out at a higher level. Moon square Uranus is exhilarating. It’s different from anxiety, but it might clang the same bells at first. Don’t drop out too soon. It can be a really fun influence.

Sunday, the Moon continues in Aquarius, squaring Mars and sextiling the Sagittarius Sun. While still exciting, back off the gas and let the order of the day lead. Things pop up out of the blue, so allow time to follow any sporty white rabbit that shows up.

What are your weekend plans?

MANY areas in our lives are up for review and on the verge of great change over the course of the next few months. Many additional areas are covered in the new holiday guide, as well as my own 12 sign breakout with tips for a better holiday (and after) experience. Also, it’s a great way to support what we do here at the EE site. If you’re interested: Using Astrology To Navigate The Holiday Season.



Weekend Love Forecast – Capricorn Venus Sextile Mars In Scorpio: Juicy — 1 Comment

  1. “Find like minds and engage in productive conversation.” …. I did that today and it totally turned my day around. We came up with specific solutions to specific problems. As a result, next week is looking much brighter for both of us.

    “MANY areas in our lives are up for review and on the verge of great change over the course of the next few months.” …. Just before coming to this site, I had a very clear realization that it is time to close a certain chapter in my life. It is a chapter that started about this time last year. It was an experiment, and was wildly successful. I gained much from it. It is now time to step up to another level. I am not yet 100% clear what will be entailed. I think I know, but I am still ambivalent, mostly about the timing. But a shift, a change, is DEFINITELY in order.

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