Weekend Love Forecast – Cap Moon Highlights The Swords Of Mars

tutu swordsWe start out the weekend with a stellium in Jupiter-fueled Sadge, and the Moon hits Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Friday night, Venus trines Chiron, Sagittarius to Aries; so even if we traded the family cow for magic beans, we’re sure to get a giant benefit (even if that benefit is a lesson or two).

With Aries-ruled Mars retrograde in Gemini heading into trine with Saturn, we might find multiple ways to turn those lessons into substantial plans or ideas. Actionable communications crop up as well. There may be something we did in the past that is just now ripe to redo. The wisdom that wasn’t there before brings us the ability to act on it now.

It IS Black Friday. A Saturn ruled mood in earth lends a certain practicality to the afternoon portion of the event. It ALSO calls in the Mars-Saturn trine. Hopefully there’s a sobering effect rather than a damping/tamping one. With Saturn in Aquarius, this highlights the online presence of it all that has now become tradition. It’s certainly practical in many ways, though the marketing emails are a ridiculous barrage.

In any case, The Cap Moon mood benefits from action. Take action for best effect. With Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini, action has many outlets. Planning can be action!

In any case, Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Sadge create buoyancy and warm the collective. We want more! That can be a good thing.

Saturday night, the Capricorn Moon trines Uranus then sextiles Neptune, exact overnight. Embrace novel pleasures. Be willing to get up and go, even if that’s not something within your usual scope. It puts you in proximity to a chance to score. Even if this doesn’t mean actually GOING anywhere: follow the rogue impulse down the rabbit hole. It’s not predictable, but it’s promising.

On Sunday, the Capricorn Moon conjoins Pluto and sextiles Jupiter. Again, I’m going to tie this into action, to Mars. Getting the most out of the front end of the day hinges on cultivating a purposeful mood. That’s not the same as being decisive exactly. It’s more the fact of being present and aware of what you’re doing, just because that’s what you’re choosing to do. If you’re doing nothing, embrace it and milk it for all it’s worth.

There can be plenty of meaning in anything you do, whether that’s everything or nothing. Juice it.

In the afternoon, the Moon hits Aquarius, incorporating the mood to capitalize on the idea of all that something or nothing. Mercury and Venus quincunx Aquarius-ruler Uranus, and the Aquarius Moon heads into sextile with the Sun.

Uranus still conjoins the north node in Taurus. What we want is in the process of an upgrade. In general. Along with Sunday’s influence, we get the chance to leverage that into a personal upgrade, but it takes some thought, a lot of thought and much desire. The Moon brings a chance for satisfying alignment with all this newness. Newness or novelty can feel disturbing, but now it’s possible to move through that to something else. And to shift an existential anxiety into excitement for life.

We’ve got some thrilling new ideas brewing! Take in all that spark!

How are you feeling? Cap Moon is a good time to take your mood temperature. Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Cap Moon Highlights The Swords Of Mars — 5 Comments

  1. Starting to think I better cook some plans up! This is the part that goes super quick right to take a smaller and smaller faster and faster like a sled Wooohooo!

  2. My mother is having a third major surgery on Monday after thinking we were done with that part of healing. I am leaning into the idea that this will be easier than the last with caution. It feels hard to digest but I feel the undertow of necessity and possibility of radiance behind it all.

    Feels more like walking into very bright sunshine rather than flames this go round.

  3. “And to shift an existential anxiety..” Satori you can braid a good line❤️
    My Natal Cap Moon is zoomed into a new groove and this granny is feeling the novelty

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