Weekend Love Forecast – Budding Showdown At The Cardinal Corral

stallion landscapeThere’s a bit of conflict brewing this weekend. The Sun and Moon square off between the eclipses. The Moon and Sun both change sign as they hold the square, fixed to mutable. The general spirit of change is palpable which makes the mood a bit volatile.

Aries Mars moves into square with Pluto. This creates friction as well. The Sun-Moon situation is a mood. The Mars-Pluto interplay has to do with action. There is a drive for power or agency that can result in some overplaying their hand. Don’t let anything or anyone push you into making a move you didn’t choose. And don’t forget that you have the option to walk away rather than push back. Don’t let anyone but you determine your moves.

In addition, Mercury in Aquarius makes its exact semi-sextile to Pluto. This is a great time to hone those plans rather than go ahead and pull the trigger. To further that gun analogy: Leave it in the holster with the safety on. They can see your gun, and that’s enough. Use your calm, disarming, peacemaking words instead.

So that sounds dire, right? It’s just an energy. Given that, lots of people favor shows and movies that feature highly frictional characters and plot lines. They stoke the inner fire and make people remember they’re alive. That is also the case here. Venus in Aries loves action and fire. Moon in Scorpio then Sadge enjoys some dark passion and racing heartbeats. It’s not boring; Aquarius Mercury keeps a cool head and a steady hand.

Friday night the Scorpio Moon squares the Aqua Sun and trines Chiron. Mercury sextiles Mars. A dark stranger comes into town out of nowhere and captures your attention in a flash. Only… it’s no stranger. Quick wordplay makes love zing.

Saturday the Sun moves to Pisces and the Moon hits Sagittarius. Things seem brighter but less clear. The mood rises and expands, but the tension doesn’t dissipate. The Moon moves into trine with Venus and square to Neptune. Let the friction take a magical tone. When things are lovely and perfect they don’t always “pop”. Friction makes them pop. Go ahead and… POP. It’s delicious.

Sunday morning, the Sadge Moon moves all the way into and through trine with Venus and on into trine with Mars as well. The square with Neptune is still in effect. Enjoy the upbeat fire. Is everything real and lasting? Perhaps, perhaps not. That’s not always the most important thing in the short term. It can also symbolize a saucy side trip in the middle of a larger trek. Why not enjoy it? Everything is in flux. Let the story emerge.

What are your weekend plans? For that matter, how did Valentine’s Day work out for you?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Budding Showdown At The Cardinal Corral — 10 Comments

  1. Satori writes, “Friday night the Scorpio Moon squares the Aqua Sun and trines Chiron. Mercury sextiles Mars. A dark stranger comes into town out of nowhere and captures your attention in a flash. Only… it’s no stranger. Quick wordplay makes love zing.”
    Scorpio’s Aquarius wife returns home from Mexico tonight. Chiron trines. Sounds interesting.

  2. I went to the supermarket today. Got a sense of that mars-pluto energy as I was walking across the car park. Some woman shouting “Come back here and talk to me”. I expected her to be talking to a small child but actually it was her boyfriend(?) who was walking 20 yards in front of her.

    I’ve never understood why people yell things at the back of someone who is walking away from them. But I guess it’s a version of control … if that person comes back on voice command – you’re winning and powerful!! And if they don’t, you’re losing and weak. Trouble is, most women are going to lose that one as men will rarely give in and come back; so then when the woman catches up she doubles down on the aggression and self-righteous indignation!

    Mars-pluto as I said.

    • Well I met my dark stranger. Scorpio of course. He invited me to be a part of his “harem”. He did use that terminology. I wasn’t offended though. He was a cool kind of tragic figure but very soulful and brave. I think he saw me as kind of a tragic figure too, so…

      Oh I declined his offer FYI 🙂

  3. This Sunday I’ll have transit Mars opposite my natal Venus in the 6th. That day I’ll be working 12+ hours and I’m expected to be meeting a lot of people. What will the mood be?

  4. I am here( hearing Big Ben toll”,Boong,Boing “)And now the fog,found then lost.I must confess to having participated in the pain.My brain or heart trained my responses and those were shared;so and now
    How to heal the tribe?If you don’t know where you are going does any road “do ya” or is it let go &let God?

  5. I feel energetic today than I did since the last weeks, or last month. I do feel more zing, even got up earlier on a weekend. I didn’t feel like cooking tonight so ordered, but, I still went out and got some groceries for the weekend, and did laundry, and bought new cooking pans. my man was happy that it was very good quality pans. I usually buy the discounted ones. lol but as usual,my frugal ways got them 50% off. Lovely weekend so far.

  6. I’ve felt angsty and beat-up like some tension is wringing inside.
    Worst case scenarios in my head and the like. God, why is Long Distance Realationships so hard on the nerves?!

    Pluto transits 12H and Venus/Mars is in a bad angle to my Scorpio Venus/Sun/Jupiter as well as my Capricorn Mars. Ouch!!!

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