Weekend Love Forecast – BIG Sensual FUN!

halloweenFriday night, the Leo Moon sextiles Libra Mercury and heads into opposition with Jupiter in Aquarius. It then trines Sagittarius Venus. It’s a breath of fresh air to fire, exuberance on a beautiful if symbolic (think pink marabou) leash. Think Freddie Mercury singing: “I want break free!”

In the background, Mercury makes its way into trine with Jupiter (exact Sunday night) and also picks up a longer square to Pluto. The senses smolder. There’s an intensity to our interests that borders on obsession. Or at the very least, the inclination is there if we lean in. So don’t. The trine to Jupiter can either fuel that intensity or it can keep us out of trouble by fueling fresh interests. It also keeps the mind clean and pumping out new perspective and insight.

Plenty of socializing is possible and at the very least, news is on blast. Mercury in Libra wants both sides of the story, and it gives good gossip.

Novelty and new, bigger ideas and sensations to explore are anathema to obsession. But it in any case, a touch of Pluto adds spice and smoldering depth. Sexy. It’s sexy.

Early Saturday, the Scorpio Sun perfects its square to Saturn. While Friday may seem a bit stilted or muted, once this square passes, we benefit from a check-in with our own boundaries. After the Sun-Saturn square, Mars moves to Scorpio to join the Sun.

Scorpio Mars is a fine Mars for power and skill. It knows where to exert pressure for best effect. A little goes a long way, and oh my did it get hot in here? Scorpio Mars is a well oiled seduction machine. It flows, particularly with the Sun in Scorpio as a wing man.

By Saturday midday, the Moon hits Virgo, earthy and Mercury-ruled. The Virgo Moon sextiles Mars for a mood to move and figure things out. This is a great time to take a second run on any knots you’ve been working on. The solution may be right there ready to go when you pick them back up.

Once you’ve finished your chores and set the world in order, because you genuinely could, the mood fosters curiosity and a drive to talk it all over. The Moon spends the rest of the night heading into sextile with the Sun. Consider seeking advice or researching a better way to go… or in a less dry sense, have sweet, earthy fun with hands-on trial and error.

Sunday morning, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus and winds up in opposition to Neptune by evening. I can’t imagine a better influence in ordr to brainstorm the best, most innovative costume ever, surprise everyone, delight them as well, and eat all the candy!

What would your ideal Halloween costume be? Do you like sweets? What’s your favorite candy to give or to get?

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