Weekend Love Forecast – Big Beautiful Storm, Tangles And Tickles

This weekend, if you get any bright ideas, write them down and don’t show them to anyone. Mercury moves into square with Jupiter, Leo to Scorpio – fixed. Some of them will be great but fragmented. It’s the time to grab those kernels of creativity but not to broadcast, not just yet.

The Cancer Sun moves into opposition with Pluto, exact next week with the new moon eclipse. There’s a growing power struggle that pits home against work, nurturance against sexuality, or just a general resistance or pushback from the other. That tension peaks at the eclipse.

The Cancer Sun is well supported now with a grand trine in water with Jupiter and Neptune. So whatever the root cause of your standoff, it serves a greater purpose. It moves us along on our bigger-picture track.

Also coming into play is Taurus Juno in waning conjunction to Uranus making a lovely trine to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. This is more evidence that things are hotted up but on track in the long run. We’re shaking up our entrenched relationship to what’s pleasurable, but there’s still yum on tap. It runs slow. Our means to pleasure may feel a bit more hit and miss. But, over time it’s still steady.

Taurus ruler Venus moves through the last degrees of Leo this weekend. Have you tuned up your creative side? Have you primped your mane? Hotted up the colors in your life? There’s still time. There may be no opportunity to actually make the art, but the inspiration is well supported right now.

Friday night, the Aries Moon trines Venus in Leo for an active and fiery night. Desire and satisfaction go hand in hand if you’re at all able to get some forward motion.

Saturday the Taurus Moon kicks up the Juno-Saturn trine, stirring the need for stability and pleasure. It goes on to square Mars and Mercury, forming a fixed grand square with the addition of a building opposition to Jupiter. The goal is good, but the road is bumpy. Don’t expect ease, expect jangling. In that case, it can be invigorating or at least exciting. Boredom is not at all likely unless you bag out on the evening entirely.

Sunday morning, parts of the grand cross persist, but the Moon leaves the square to Mars behind. The Taurus Moon moves into aspect with the grand trine in water (a kite with sextiles to the Sun and Neptune) and eventual trine to Pluto. This can be deeply satisfying.

Hang in past the frustration of the fixed squares: bothersome, ill-timed communications and overblown kerfuffles. They’re the mess before the denouement, the bit where things begin to come together again. For now it just might be a gut feeling about how it all comes together with the coming eclipses.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Big Beautiful Storm, Tangles And Tickles — 5 Comments

  1. What kind of challenges? It took me six hours to write this while taking time to hold Emma’s hair while she puked or rub her shoulders in between.

    She created that image earlier this week. She was supposed to have her first read through on her next play tonight. Poor baby.

    • I hope she feels better soon and yes, challenges are are popping up in places that I’d thought had been taken care of years ago. But this could also be Pluto transiting my 12th. Sigh.

  2. Thanks for pointing out nurturance and sexuality are different. I always wondered if Venus in cancer is an unsexy placement. I was in a coffee shop drinking coffee.. there were sketches of different kinds of sex acts of different genders.. guess it was meant to be edgy.. hipster style.. but it was making me horny and sad and uncomfortable.. I was in a comforting place.. coffee cushions.. there’s no room for a close up of a dildo sticking the wrong way out of a vag for that. My friend with Venus Pluto MC in libra liked it but she’s wrong :p

    Also I was in a museum that shows artifacts of break ups of all kinds.. I didn’t cry or care.. only the ones that were father’s losing contact with sons or little boys experiencing trauma or sons writing to estranged fathers. Venus in cancer is strange.. it doesn’t really empathize with teenage love as a sad thing.. maybe I don’t. I’m no pisces.

  3. SOOOO frustrating weeekend!!!

    Friday I had to call in sick, took the whole day out, booked a time for washing my clothes – and then all of a sudden forgot, and in the panic of running down to the machines, forgot my key to my door and locked myself out of my own home. This is the second time this week I have paid for my stupid mistakes with a high prices (the other was that I forgot my sunglasses and had to re-buy them… and they were the designer ones.)

    Today – new time with washing, and plans for going to town, though it is so hot outside and my skin is going all acne these days (Mars Rx through 1st house???).

    This weekend is pure #FML energy – I am so tired, so bluidy fu… TIRED of it! And Mars, that idiotic moron, just keeps on pushing my tiredness to the next level in the 1st house. Yeah, baby!
    This is just a wonderful energy…

    Oh, sarcasm is possible here as well.

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