Weekend Love Forecast – Assertively Creative, Creatively Naughty

sea creatureThis weekend has layers. It’s only complicated if you’re trying to pin it down and explain it to someone. It’s got smooth edges, and intense, inner workings. Whatever it takes to get in the “flow”, that’s what you need to do. Everything works together from there. Simple!

If you can’t come up with the words, get your body moving and you’ll find another way to communicate what you’re after. The senses are stimulated by cues tangible or intangible. If actions feel rushed and chaotic, get into your head and breathe your way into the flow. Allow subtlety to penetrate.

These layers are traversable. You can dive into the straightforward route or navigate through hidden dimensions. Relax, find where the flow opens up new routes only for you.

If you’re off track, be still. Be still till you hear, feel, taste, touch, smell, or mentally sense your course.

Starting Friday, fiery Leo Mercury holds one quincunx to Neptune and moves into range of another with Pluto. All directions and dimensions are with reach of your creative mind and emotional senses. Venus aspects Neptune and Jupiter as Mercury hits Jupiter as well. There’s tension, ease, and opportunity as well as the impetus to glide through in sequence.

Venus squares Neptune but trines Jupiter. More love! More love! Even with the twinge of pain in yearning. It’s bittersweet; but after you get used to the tang, it’s delicious. With the mind on Pluto, it’s also rather naughty (if you go there).

Desire is enflamed but at risk for momentary quashing, dousing. Desire is also so strong it springs back readily with persistent attention. Fortunately, the drive is goosed to provide that push. Mars in Cancer trines Chiron and squares Uranus. We have emotionally intelligent operations BLASTED out of complacency. The normal mode is turned on its ear. It’s time to actively work on a new way to go, an innovative arsenal of motion.

Not everyone appreciates blasting. But it does keep things moving. This isn’t the weekend to get aggressive with someone unless you’re really ready to “go there”. It can be one of those times when the “quiet ones” snap. But even that can work out in the long run. How else would we discover the dozens of bodies under the petunias?

Friday night the Moon in early Aries conjoins the Aries point. It’s the spark of action, a whole new cycle, registering in the collective mood. If it feels like foreshadowing of the next new moon, in Leo, you would be correct. It trines that phantom spot. Feel it. Get inspired and fired up.

Saturday night, the Moon sextiles Venus early. It goes on to form a t-square with Jupiter and Pluto, but it also links Mercury and Saturn in a wide grand trine. The spark of desire catches flame. Fan the delightful desire, but take your time to reason with villagers carrying pitchforks. Light someone’s fancy, not their angry torch.

The Moon perfects its trine to Saturn on Sunday. Mercury continues to move into trine with Saturn. The Moon goes on to square the Sun and Mars. Important memories are made over time. Be aware that this is happening RIGHT NOW. Look for the bits that feel good, really feel physically connective to your source of self, pride, basic well-being. Look for corresponding markers on the new path.

What feels good doesn’t always feel easy as we press forward. It may not be simple to set them in action, but they’re what paves the way for ease in the future.

This weekend is also a time when we sense our directives from a higher or deeper source. Tiny sensations and ideas lodge in our mind and implant themselves. They take shape and we broadcast them to others for a similar effect.

If you’ve seen the movie Inception, consider that as a template. Not only does this happen passively, but we’re able to do it with some consciousness, to ourselves and others. This is how the spark of an idea becomes a deeply held belief. These beliefs become the basis for action, for new horizons.

These new paths are neither good nor bad necessarily. On a mundane level, if there’s a habit you wish to break, this is a great time to incept yourself. The layers are permeable. If you want to form a habit, want to ingratiate yourself, the timing is divine. Build that delightful hunger into your relationship. It promotes a bedrock of pleasure in striving.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Assertively Creative, Creatively Naughty — 9 Comments

  1. Oh I really enjoyed this text, so many layers indeed!

    I have a plan to do something to arrange a meeting up with friends (4 persons). Nothing dramatic or huge, it may seem. But one of the persons in this group of friends is my crush. We are all university students and we have been working on a group project since this spring I’m the only girl in the group and the other 3 is guys. And we have grown somewhat close.

    I say somewhat because I live in a country where people are very reserved and hard to get real emotional connections too! (Sweden) I’m born and raised in this country but my parents are from a medeterranian country so I’m much more of a warm person and get really frustrated by the swedes ahyness and reserved manners :p

    However, one of the guys and I have an amazing chemistry, oh well, we have just engaged in very subtle flirting, but the sexual tension is off the charts none the less.

    We had a nice moment to ourselves, my crush and I, before the summer break. And I told him I will gonna miss the gruop, and then I added “and I will miss you”. And he instantly proposed we could meet up during the summer break, “the whole group” he added. (yeah shy much?:p) And We took this up with the others later on and everyone is omboard…

    we were gonna fix a date later this summer, preferably this month. We wrote ones in our whatsapp group at June, but again, it was too soon to set up a date.

    So I have waited, and waited for them to propose a date and place. I felt that it would seem like I’m needy and desperate if I was to propose a set date to the group. And my selfesteem would really get a boost by them making the first move. But now, I have grown really agitated and don’t have any patient last! (Venus and Jupiter in Aries in 8th house!)

    So I decided 2 days ago that I will wait until Friday (today) and then text them at Saturday! I have composed a very direct and forward text. With all thise energies going on, it maybe will be of help to boost my confidence?. My Aries Venus really wanna take the reins and take charge!

    • Melinn, I loved reading how your genetics –the Mediterranean in you, rises to the top inspite of your environment — being in Sweden. I relate to your challenge being a warm blooded tropical and Asian living in the wet Pacific Northwest

      • Thank you Mokihana! Ahh the struggle is real! 😀 Haha! It’s hard and frustrating dealing with colder people when one is so warm right? Hope you are not having a too hard of a time with this?

        I have now sent a text message to my group. Still awaiting for their reply. I guess they are panicking right now, not knowing how to reply, or somethig, dunno. Its scary to reach out. But atleast, I’m in control now :p

  2. More timely and prosaic navigational instruction I could not have received, Captain Janeway. Getting back ‘into the flow’ from whatever angle taps the senses is perfect holographic option. We (my hub and me) look forward to your progressive vision and appreciate so much how to apply it to our coral building going on … slowly (that Saturn) with watery sexy tenacity (one Crab and a Scorpion together in a pea green boat)


  3. You write so lovely. Hit me completely. I am alone in Italy(by choice) and sometimes lonliness strikes .Finding the flow and making memories for later, I have to try. Great post.

    • Thumbs up, Ianthina85. It’s wonderful how Satori’s writing is stirring the kettle where many of us with genetics different than the native environment are hearing a melody to dance to! Love reading the connection: Sweden, Italy, Hawaii …

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