Weekend Love Forecast – Are We Brave Or Brash?

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All weekend long, newly direct Venus in Leo heads into square with retro Jupiter in Taurus (Venus-ruled). Venus moves in close conjunction to Juno all weekend as well, exact late Saturday night.

The special relationship of Juno and Jupiter raises the stakes of this energetic clash. Juno and Jupiter are a feisty and powerful married pair, often cited for possessive shenanigans. Venus here, fresh off a long retro period, spikes that desire for ownership with the life-affirming tingle of lust and pleasure.

We want what we want, and we want it a LOT.

Have we learned a lesson recently? This looks like a test. Or it could be a fun drama, laced with passion and earthy delight. What do we do? We keep our eyes open and reassess and weigh as we go (Virgo Sun ruled by retro Virgo Mercury, Mars in Venus-ruled Libra).

Friday night, the Cancer Moon sextiles retro Mercury then goes on to sextile retro Jupiter in the early morning. Learn the difference between following your heart and following a heated desire. In any case, there’s LOADS to learn and it looks like a happy lesson.

Saturday night, the Cancer Moon sextiles retro Uranus in Taurus. It heads into trine with retro Neptune and opposition to retro Pluto overnight. The mood benefits from the satisfaction of novelty. Something different, something surprising? Did we forget how to feel good, or forget how good a simple delight can be? Let it change you, or let it change you back. Satisfaction is the measure of how well we respond to the quality of our deeper urges and flights of fancy.

Sunday morning, the Moon finishes up its opposition to Pluto and moves from Cancer to Sun-ruled Leo: Moon rulership to Sun rulership. The Sun moves closer into trine with retro Uranus all weekend long; it also quincunxes retro Chiron all weekend, exact on Sunday. The Leo Moon spends the latter part of the day moving into sextile with Mars as retro Mercury moves into exact semi-sextile to Mars: Overnight into Monday morning, the three line up perfectly.

How do you feel about who you are as a person, the road you’ve taken? We are the immediate culmination of all that we’ve done and learned up till now. We can change that direction at any time, but we don’t always have a reason to consider even the possibility of doing so, at any given moment.

Something this weekend may cause us to reconsider. Are you feeling good about where you are on your path? Are you pausing to consider with each step forward? Are you causing your future self growth or harm? You can burn a bridge… is it behind you? In front of you? Holding you up? What will be the outcome, the consequence? Consider. Then reconsider. You don’t need to act, but you may find reason to consider doing so.

Do you have any weekend plans?


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  1. Wow, SO many good questions to ponder. Thank you so much. And thank you for this insightful knowledge❤️❤️❤️❤️going to a music festival today//tonight with my cousin✨✨✨✨

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