Weekend Love Forecast… And A Happy-New-Year Aquarius Moon!

vodkaThe main feature of the weekend is New Year’s Eve, or as they call it in bars and taverns: Amateur Night. The main astrological feature of the weekend is the culmination of Mars’ conjunction to Neptune in Pisces. These are not unrelated. Active drinking!

Pisces is a pro. But drop this duo in each individual’s chart and their mileage will vary. Regardless of how you’re natally situated, you may still have to deal with the people around you. If you want to soak up all that water and carry the load in order to curate that energy and make the best of it… you can. You can be someone’s angel. You can bring a divine mystery, one that tickles just right.

Last night on the way home I stopped into a restaurant to order takeaway. I thought I’d treat myself to a beer in the bar while I waited. I was greeted at the door by a waitress I used to wait tables with both twenty and thirty years ago. She didn’t remember me. There was no reason she should have – she was a pro and I was a tourist. It was slow and she let me pick any table. I picked a table in the bar. We traded banter. I asked if she would be my waitress (the bartender usually waits on people in the bar) and she said she could be if I liked. I said, “Great! You’re my favorite waitress!” She’s not someone who generally sparkles, and then… she sparkled. It felt so good. To ME. It felt good to me. I also left her with a whopping tip and probably a mystery she couldn’t parse. A good one, I think.

That’s one way to be a Mars-Neptune mystery fairy. And don’t tell! Let it be a secret!

If you have planets or angles in the first half of Virgo, you may be the recipient of such action. That’s not the only reason you might be, just the most obvious. Regardless, we can all be secretly fairy-handed. We can all be the agent of blessings.

The weekend-long Aquarius Moon bands together with Aquarius Venus to create a desire for satisfaction that is best sated by focusing on the greater good. Being only petty and self centered is not the way to go. Mars Neptune can occasionally result in a pity party, but Aquarius Moon and Venus can help with that. Have a quick pity party then put it behind you and join in with the rest of the world. If you need that self compassion, then you really need it. That’s just fine. But go the whole road and get to the next station! Even if you just join up to toast the internet – that’s enough.

Aquarius energy brings surprises! Be someone’s angel fairy and bring a surprise to a stranger.

Friday night the Moon tours the early degrees of Aquarius, opposite Vesta and semi-sextile retrograde Mercury in Capricorn. Make some tentative plans. At the very least, bounce what you have off of your partner or pal and see how it feels. Your plan doesn’t have to stick. Enjoy a bit of a break in the intensity of the season!

Saturday night, New Year’s Eve, the Moon moves between one semi-sextile to the Sun and another to Pluto. It takes in the beginning of a trine to Jupiter in Libra as well. It’s a great, big breath of fresh air and the impetus to get on with making a new start. The twang of what is behind us is still there, but the open window and vision forward is greater. The twang provides the reason and power to face forward.

By Sunday morning, the new year, the Moon fully embraces the Jupiter trine and sextiles Saturn in Sadge and Aquarius ruler Uranus in Aries as well. Solidify this forward feeling moment into a larger model of emotional promise. Remember how you feel about going forward. I’m not a huge fan of resolutions. But this energy lends itself to capturing the enduring change of heart that will translate into changed life circumstances for the better over time.

Open your heart and your life path will sparkle in front of you like a teen-lit vampire. Also, the baby new year is symbolized by that early-ish Capricorn Sun. Is that why all newborns look like Winston Churchill? You know, Saturn-ruled and all?

Where does the nine degree Pisces Mars-Mercury conjunction hit your chart? What are your New Year’s holiday plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast… And A Happy-New-Year Aquarius Moon! — 10 Comments

  1. Almost conjunct my pisces moon at 11 degrees..9th house.no plans yet..eating sounds like a good plan though..foreign food. Maybe start off new year with some Chinese food!

  2. My Saturn is 3 Pisces, my descendant is 6 Pisces….it’s not about me, nobody is talking about me…be confident and kind in who I am.

    Happy New Year, satori ❤

  3. Hm – I’ve a natal mutable sign tsquare featuring Mars/Neptune/Sun – of which Neorune has been ‘filling’ in whilst, for a while there Saturn conjunct Neptune….tough interesting times. I’m cringing a bit with Mars getting in on the act, at least that’s a brief influence. But yeah, guess I should get some popcorn & watch the train wreck
    I have begun to understand the folly of chasing personal fulfillment- I have goals, desires, of course but I’m not attached to the outcome or have any delusions that ‘if only I had/did/was…..’ were fulfilled I’d be magically & eternally happy.
    Also, I am not responsible for the entire universe (you should all be thankful for that lol) & therefore I can just live MY life. I have to remind myself of Dalai Lamas remark “don’t let the actions of others destroy your inner peace”
    Considering that natal configuration, maybe I should try being a ‘secret angel’ 😉 Thanks Satori!

    • A Secret Angel is the natural outcome of not letting the action of others disturb your inner peace. Great comment, thanks for sharing!

  4. The Pisces Mars/Neptune conjunction is conjunct my 1H natal Moon. I know I’ll be feeling like a skidding car tire on a sheet of ice; no liquor required! Already am.

  5. Wallowing in self pity is just the flip side of compassionate bliss. When I shift the view from me to we or some object of others the mind mood can become quite sweet. Turn that frown upside down….:(,:).
    Twelfth house Pisces.

  6. Happy New Year, Satori, love reading your posts!
    9 degrees Pisces is right on my IC/fouth house cusp. I live across the street from the newest and largest bar in town. They do nothing to mitigate the impact on the adjoining neighbors. Last night was awful, I was awake til 3am this morning. I was texting the bar manager, got no reply. I’m pissed. So to me mars (my aggression towards) the obnoxious drunks (neptune) across the street from my house (4th house cusp) is the signature. Hopefully all that was this morning early and the rain will keep people away tonight!! I hope it pours.

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