Weekend Love Forecast – A Sun-Moon Trine In Water: Relief

watchFriday night, the Cancer Moon sextiles Uranus and passes over the north node. Experiment! The mood is perfect to try out something you feel is right for you but just hasn’t fit the bill yet. Give it a shot.

The one bit of obvious, possible frustration is the Moon’s passing square to Juno in Libra. It’s tough to try new things when you’ve still got to contend with social norms.

Saturday, The Cancer Moon moves through an inexact grand trine with Mercury and Neptune – all in waters signs. Add in Saturn and it’s a kite, a water kite with an earth tail. Follow your heart, use your imagination. Communicate and look for clues. Most of all: Do the legwork. Do the right thing.

Mars hits the last degrees of Libra this weekend. Put the icing on the cake with a flourish. Finish up all those little leftover tasks and social wheel greasings that you’ve left to the end of the list. Check in with your relationships and make nice. If you don’t get the response you’re looking for, don’t push it. Do your part without having to control the outcome.

Saturday night, the Moon moves past the grand trine/kite into opposition with Pluto. It’s going to feel best if you’ve spent the day getting on track and into the right mood. What’s the right mood? That’s personal to you. But Moon opposite Pluto invites a reflection of how you’re feeling – in spades, powerful and deep. When you feel it kicking in, get on board or get out of the way. Enjoy… in a way that you can feel good about yourself in the morning.

Sunday morning, the Moon closes its trine to the Scorpio Sun. It’s been a nice bit of flow after the recent full moon and its aftermath. Relief and satisfaction are easier to find, to get back to. Even if irritation strikes (Moon square Mars), the Cancer Moon drains back into the the main flow.

Later, the Moon moves to Leo and into the Sun’s rule. The Leo Moon trines Chiron, squares Uranus, and sextiles Juno. The Moon makes a wide grand trine with Chiron and Pallas – in fire. What do you usually do? It’s a time to investigate that and see how it feels now. The themes fall along the lines of old and new and what’s working versus what’s not. Boredom is a great motivator to try new things. It also works to try out old things that might hold new interest again.

What are your weekend plans?



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