Weekend Love Forecast – A Rocky Road to Adventuresome Pleasure

fairyThe weekend starts out with the Moon trine the Sun and ends with the Moon square the Sun. This happens as the Sun spends the weekend square Saturn. The Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius and into conjunction with Saturn. The Sun moves through the last degrees of Pisces, the end of the zodiac and maybe the end of the rainbow. This could be special.

The collective mood moves from fixed to mutable with the Sun-Saturn square mutable. Sometimes going with the flow means going through a bottleneck, but it’s just one point on the river. If we stay where the shores are wide, we don’t get anywhere. Rapids are the way through to the next thing. We leave ease and squeeze through bumpy narrows, avoiding boredom.

Friday night the Moon trines the Sun then shifts to Sagittarius. That shift brings a spirit of adventure, leveraging a mood to transform – into a mood to play with that transformation process. A hungry mood gives way to enthusiasm. Let go and trust! Woo! Throw your hands up in the air like you don’t care…

Saturday the Sadge Moon trines Venus and Mercury and squares Neptune. Expect a smooth mood, but allow for things to go sideways regardless. Sideways doesn’t mean bad, in this context – sideways just means to leave space for changing things up as events unfold. Leave yourself extra time and adopt a cheerful attitude! Magic doesn’t happen on a schedule, and magic can happen here.

Sunday the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Jupiter and makes its way into a trine with Uranus. It’s quite likely that things won’t go as planned, but they should provide an opportunity for a good time, nonetheless.

This weekend is the last bit of winter, and the Sunday square of Moon to Sun as well as Sun to Saturn gives a bittersweet challenge to its “out like a lamb” phase early Monday. Mutability lends the ability to bend. Change is in the air and it’s been a long time coming. Look for the opportunities that lie among the obstacles. Shoot the rapids on your way down, but take your time overall. It’s an adventure.

Venus is retrograde in Aries and Mars is Venus-ruled in Taurus. Slow down for pleasure, and be prepared to give things another go when you see an opening. Smooth all the time is boring. This is exhilaration and a chance to improve!

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Weekend Love Forecast – A Rocky Road to Adventuresome Pleasure — 4 Comments

  1. Amazing analogies! I love that about the river & rapids- that IS what it is. & yeah, sometimes you go overboard!
    & yes, again – I am coming to the point of resolve with things that have been changing & have changed, time to just fold & accept the circumstances. And if I’m not an utter coward Sunday is the day (unless I’m surprised with a jaunt with a certain guy @ my island that I’m hoping now may materialize BTW I live on Hawaii island).

  2. Missed your weekly write up last week, Satori. Hope there’s another weekday writeup in the works for this coming week – I need your insight to keep my head screwed on straight for the week. SMILE

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