Weekend Love Forecast – A Duck

duckWell. It’s been a rough week today. The duck I’m farmsitting laid two eggs today: one regular, one half formed. She’s poorly (but getting a warm bath indoors). How’s that for a Sadge Moon square Neptune and opposite two-pronged Gemini Mars? Two eggs, and one is missing a shell, a very Marsy, Neptunian situation.

I need to rewatch The Egg and I. I think I can relate.

So… shenanigans. For me, for you, for all of us. Definitely for the duck. But there’s the intrepid spirit a Sagittarius Moon brings, and it’s likely things will work out for the best with Sadge ruler Jupiter at 29 Pisces and Mercury at 29 Libra. The impetus to hunt down the details and serve with kindness. The little bit of miracle that clings to Jupiter at the last degree of Pisces. It’s like an angel on your shoulder, an angel with a rectal thermometer. Shoulders are for the best. But it’s a nice angel. It means well.

Saturday afternoon, Mercury hits the first degree of Scorpio then the Moon moves to Capricorn. Attitudes acclimate to spooky season and the mood is CRISP.

Saturday night, the Moon sextiles the Scorpio Sun and goes on to sextile Venus. May I just say WHEW? A Scorpio stellium with the support of an earthy Cap Moon mood creates opportunities to get it together and go DEEP. Sun and Venus with the Moon is dark and dreamy in Scorpio season. There’s extra meaning and extra spice. The mood makes it feel real.

Sunday morning, the Capricorn Moon squares Aries Chiron and heads into trine with Uranus in Taurus. If you’re off to a cranky start, a bit of sting to the morning, don’t worry; it gooses you up for the best kind of cruising speed for productivity OR pleasure. Slow but steady inches into quick and exciting (but not fast, just step lively where you can and the footholds appear as you go).

Slow but steady is definitely one way to go here as we have two with a Gemini Mars. Sunday morning Gemini Mars stations retrograde, so action changes its grip. A Cap mood helps moderate the shift. If one way doesn’t work, try the next. Or wait. Then try again.

Nighttime brings the Cap Moon into sextile with Neptune and conjunction with Pluto, exact overnight. It’s rough out here in these pastures with these farm animals; but if they’re lucky, it’s a trip to the bath and not the vet. You too, metaphorically. It’s not exactly the dream, but it’s the dream if you’re in trouble – or a worried you might be in trouble. Or are just a bit troubled over a detail.

It’s okay to have faith that however deep the root goes, it goes there for our good, for the greater good somehow. Meaning goes a long way now, and we’re likely to find some.

Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – A Duck — 2 Comments

  1. omg I’m absolutely delighted that you’re farmsitting? With a duck! 🥰

    It’s just going to be more leaf cleanup and getting some Halloween treats for the granddaughters and then hanging out with them on Sunday for apple bobbing and donut-on-a-string eating.

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