Weekend Love Forecast – A Big Appetite Makes For Deep Hunger, Venus-Jupiter In Scorpio

emmaVenus closes the gap with Jupiter in Scorpio this weekend, exact in the wee hours of Monday morning. Desire is inflated and broadcast. This is all desire, but particular to Scorpio is buried or sexual desire, shadow yearning, enhanced by a budding trine to Neptune. The appetite in the collective is huge, cavernous. It’s hunger.

This weekend Juno conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, exact Saturday night. Commitment is packed with power and destined to last. That has no bearing on whether or not it will be pleasant, mind you. So make promises with care.

That sentiment is especially timely as Mercury moves into square with Neptune. Mercury in Sagittarius is a mouthful, on and on and back again. There’s information flying, and walking, and batting, and scratching. Square Neptune, much of that is insubstantial, confusing, or just plain untrue. Lies and fluff. Still, there’s plenty of frank and divine truth around… but it’s tough to pinpoint.

Saturday night and on into Sunday morning, the Virgo Moon squares Mercury and opposes Neptune. The Mercury ruled Moon ought to create a solid mood for sussing out what feels plain and true. And yet – in this mix it does not. There’s a tendency to latch on to the first convenient explanation and dig in. There’s also the urge to broadcast, even without the whole story. It’s a good time to listen well but avoid making up your mind. Wait for the dust to settle on the facts.

Rumors abound. I’d suggest you don’t make yourself part of all that. Juno-Pluto could tie you to them.

Libra Mars moves closer to square with Pluto, exact next weekend. Power and the ability to wield it are at odds. Intentions can be easily misread, so don’t make threats. Conserve impulsive, aggro energy for when it’s needed. Make peace even if you think you have the upper hand. You may have the power and skill, but all armor has a weak spot for some idiot’s lucky shot. Don’t allow a power play to build up. You really will gain power by sidestepping a fight over dominance.

If you have to take a shot at someone, use that Mercury-Neptune misdirection and get out. Look to stun rather than hurt. Put people off balance and move out of reach. Desire is deep and wide. It’s inflated and equipped with a siren song. Perception is off, and action favors the lover over the fighter – but neither is well situated in a standoff. If you feel like fighting for love, use this energy to do it with your words, your songs, your soft touch. Manipulate with the power of your appetite. There’s no better aphrodisiac than feeling desired.

Mercury is moving into sextile with Mars: persuasion not force. But make sure there is consent. Even if the ask is unsexy.

Friday night is the last bit of the Leo Moon. It illuminates the exact Saturn-Uranus trine. If you want to make order from chaos, be cool, a banked flame. Saturn and Uranus add chill to that Leo fire. Get creative. Be yourself. Be cool. Friday starts the whole thing off. Be genuine from your heart. Take your time and chill. You’re enough. Use that fire-start to draw everything you need TO you. Put order to that chaos by centering first in your own well-being. Don’t chase. Tend your own fire first.

The downside of the difficult aspects reeks of desperation. High Leo is never desperate. Begin with self possessed dignity and you’ve got it. Be cool.

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Weekend Love Forecast – A Big Appetite Makes For Deep Hunger, Venus-Jupiter In Scorpio — 3 Comments

  1. If something is built to last, 11/11
    Sounds like a strong beginning
    Love numbers, love the coincidence
    Of their arrival;I pray I have arrived
    At the gate just need to venture
    Through,thanx my friend I run to this
    Site as a friend hugs and holds another,love to learn what’s above

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